Returning: The Amazing Race

Season 30 of The Amazing Race begins on 7flix in early January.

“You’re A Champion, Prove It” will feature ex-Big Brother contestants, NBA All-Stars, models, and competitive eaters setting off from Washington Square Park in New York City.

This season features several double-length episodes (although Aussie scheduling is not confirmed), but it begins less than a week after the US.

7:30pm Tuesday January 9 on 7flix.


  1. Thanks again Channel 7 for putting on a channel that not everyone gets. Here’s hoping they will do what they did last time and put on weekend repeats on the primary channel. But with the tennis coming up, that will probably not be able to happen.

  2. Such a weird programming decision. I don’t even regard 7Flix as an option to watch. 7Two or Mate would be better. And five days later? Whatever… That said, still looking forward to this. It’s been too long between (amazing) drinks.

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