Russell Crowe apologises for bad AACTAs gag

Russell Crowe has apologised for a joke made on stage at the AACTA Awards that raised eyebrows and was too hot for the broadcast.

Crowe joked about accidentally “sodomising” actress Jacqueline McKenzie during the original Romper Stomper movie.

“I was trying to keep my bits away from her bits and she’d been given one of those pieces of elastic that the girls get when you do those scenes, which protects them from all things, and my bits and pieces were in a little canvas sack with a drawstring,” he said.

“And it was actually my desire to keep the bits apart. It wasn’t until the opening night of the film that it was pointed out by none other than Jackie McKenzie’s beautiful late mother that we were in fact, in her mind, engaged in sodomy.”

According to News Corp he now says it was a bad attempt at making people laugh. Yep, Rusty, it was.

“The way I delivered the story was to elicit that half cringe/half laugh reaction.

“Obviously I was only intending to make people laugh. Especially Jacquie, and she did.

“I didn’t mean any offence to anyone and it wasn’t a comment on other issues,” Crowe said.


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