Seven launches contempt proceedings against Amber Harrison

Lawyers for Seven have launch contempt proceedings against Amber Harrison, former executive assistant who had an affair with CEO Tim Worner.

Recent tweets criticising the company breach the permanent gag order placed on her, but she has refused to delete them.

Now she could face jail time after defying court orders.

Seven legal action already led to a ‘rogue blogger’ (due for imminent release) being jailed after naming two women referred to in Amber Harrison’s Human Rights Commission complaint.

Seven asked that the matter be expedited with the matter listed for a directions hearing on December 18.

The story that engulfed Seven and its board is soon about to eclipse the 12 month mark. Under the current climate a prison sentence would be highly damaging to all concerned.

Source: Fairfax


  1. jezza the first original one

    I have shifted to being on the fence about this. I think AH typifies how women are regarded and treated by blokes in the tv industry and would support her cause. I also think that she diminishes her cause by previously naming 2 other people. However overall many blokes in this industry need to change…..big time. Kudos to the ones that have

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