Vale: Rosemary Margan

Former presenter, best known for working with Graham Kennedy, Bert Newton and presenting weather on GTV9 News, has died.

Former Melbourne presenter Rosemary Margan, best known for working with Graham Kennedy, Bert Newton, Logie Awards and presenting weather on GTV’s Nine News, has died aged 80.

She died following a battle with cancer. Her passing was announced last night on 3AW’s Nightline.

With her velvet tones and classy delivery, Margan plugged numerous products from furs to perfume in live to air ads on Nine. Bert Newton always insisted on her handing out Logie Awards whenever he was hosting.

‘Rosie’ was also doing a live ad on The Graham Kennedy Show on Nine in 1975 when the king of television let fly with his infamous crow call, which forced him from the network.

The scene was relived in the telemovie The King -with Margan’s role played by her actress daughter, Cathy Godbold.

“Working with Graham Kennedy was special and we became good friends,” she once told the Herald Sun. “We used to do the Val Morgan theatre ads together, which was the first theatre advertising.

“I’ve been pretty lucky.

“I was happy to be a 2IC. I never pushed myself. I was happy to work and I enjoyed it, but working with people like Graham and Bert (Newton) you very quickly learn that they are the stars.”

Once described as “the girl next door, everybody’s big sister, girlfriend, mum or grandma,” she retired from media duties a decade ago after 42 years in television & radio.

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  1. Sad news. Very fond memories of Rosemary, especially her presenting the weather, assisting at the Logies, and doing live commercials. But it wasn’t Graham’s crow call that “forced him” from the Nine Network. Rather, it was his anger at the opening remarks critical of the Minister for the Media being edited in a subsequent GK Show (now recorded because of the crow call) that led him to leave.

    1. i remembered that too, it was as much a part of the cinema experience as the smell of popcorn.
      I was trying to think of the name of the company, thanks for filling in the memory gap.

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