Will Roving Enterprises expand into other genres?

Rove McManus has chalked up 8 years for The Project and enjoyed former success with Before the Game, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, Before The Game and his own variety show.

But does he have any plans to expand into scripted content?

“We did do Hamish & Andy’s Real Stories which was good fun,” he told TV Tonight.

“It seems at the moment the one thing people are buying is scripted, so it might be a fun thing to do.

“There are a couple of ideas floating around that might happen, a few animation ideas I wouldn’t mind doing.”

Coming up for Rove are the Whovians Christmas special and voice-work in Kitty is Not a Cat for Seven.

“Scripted is a realm I haven’t really dipped my toe into before. Being married to someone who does a lot of writing, it’s a very tough, isolating process,” he says.

“But it’s not like I haven’t written things before. It’s a good idea.”


  1. I used to quite enjoy the project, however I haven’t watched it much in ages as I find the hosts narrow minded and opinionated in their presentation of stories rather than presenting the facts and allowing viewers to make their own opinions.

  2. The Project, whilst being good, has not really made a dent in the news scene. You would think they would have captured more viewers over the years. It seems to me they have hit a plateau and are unable to increase their audience. Is it the concept or delivery that’s the issue???

    • There’s nothing inherently wrong with the concept. A humorous look at the news of the day is a format that works well on many programs around the world – American and British shows do very well with the idea.
      The Project suffers from a poorly performing lead in (Fued) and has some polarising hosts (Hellier, Aly).
      Also, many viewers have had their fix of news by 6.30pm and aren’t going to surf over to TEN for more.
      I’ve always felt that Bold & Beautiful would be a much stronger lead at 6pm. Madness?

      • Had to dig a little, but – 9 years ago –
        Bold and Beautiful at night: Ten runs daytime TV at 6pm
        Amanda Meade The Australian November 20, 2008
        The Bold and the Beautiful is the most popular daytime series in the world. But now Channel 10 will run it in prime time. After failing to keep an audience with endless repeats of The Simpsons, Ten yesterday made the unprecedented move of programming a daytime soap in the evening. The story of Bold’s Forrester family is what will greet Ten’s young audience at 6pm. “The Bold and the Beautiful has always performed exceptionally well for Ten and it is our most popular daytime soap,” Ten’s head of programming, Beverley McGarvey, said.

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