Airdate: SEAL Team. Returning: Law & Order: SVU.

Updated: David Boreanaz action series kicks off with a double episode, whilst SVU is headed for Monday nights.

New US action series SEAL Team has been confirmed for Sunday January 28 following the premiere of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

The series stars David Boreanaz (Bones, Angel) as a leader of an elite Navy SEAL team in high-stakes missions across the globe.

This debuted in the US in September and has been greenlit for a full 22 episode season.

Updated: TEN will kick this off at 9pm Sunday January 28 against the Australian Open Men’s Final followed by a Bull repeat.

Senior Chief Jason Hayes is the respected, intense leader of the most elite Navy SEAL team, Tier One. The unit must navigate their professional and personal lives as they train, plan and execute the most dangerous, high stakes missions the United States can ask of them.

Undergoing additional rigorous training in the hope of joining Hayes’ select unit is Clay Spenser, a young, multi-lingual second generation SEAL with insatiable drive and dedication.

Deployed to Liberia to apprehend known terrorist Abu Samir Al-Masri, Hayes and his team stumble across a hostage situation that sees their mission change from detaining a terrorist to saving an innocent civilian.

Meanwhile Law & Order: SVU is also back in the schedule now screening on Monday nights.

It resumes at 9pm Monday January 29 with S19E7 “Something Happened.” This aired in the US in November.

A rape victim who cannot remember the details of her own sexual assault visits the SVU, distraught and desperate to remember exactly what happened.

In order to help the victim remember, Benson finally decides to disclose a long- kept secret from her past in hope that justice will be served.

Unexpectedly, Benson’s revelation sees a shocking twist in the case as a a secret long kept from both the victim and her sister comes to light.

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  1. Great news about SVU, been looking forward to that ep as it sounds really good :).

    As for Bull currently all eps which have aired in the US have also aired in Australia. There is an episode which airs in the US on Tuesday but after that it misses a week & returns on Feb 6th so they’d have to give us a week off at some point anyway. Hopefully its just the one week off as otherwise why’d they bring it back for two weeks. After that if the US goes into repeats again its still going to be taken off though… but at least we’d be caught up (As for the NCISs… I hope they show up in Feb but wouldn’t be surprised if wasn’t until after the Olympics or worse Easter)

  2. We have been watching this and it is not that bad. We’re up to episode 11. Its what I call TV fluff. Very typical in alot of ways like reader Poss said, but it is entertaining enough to pass an evening. Story lines can be interesting. Will continue with it for now.

        1. I don’t really drink tea but cheers.
          For the record, I’m happy to give SEAL Team a go. Not sure if I’ll enjoy it to be honest. If it aired in Sept when it aired in the US (from the article, I’ve no idea) the chances of me watching it would have been minimal as I had plenty of shows I was watching at that time. Now, not so much so it’s in (maybe momentarily).

        2. I did say mini review. It was just an observation you can take it how you like. You also know that more detailed reviews on this site are disallowed because its yet to air here so they couldn’t put more if they wanted to.

          Delayed content on free to air is the norm. It seems odd for people to come on here and argue so fiercly for something thing that’s already happening.

  3. I also would like to know what will happen to Bull once Seal Team is on. I know Bull will be having a little break in the US during the Winter Olympics so would affect its scheduling here but I will be very disappointed if it is removed from TEN’s schedule or moved to an unreasonable time slot. May also help if TEN/CBS put more time into promoting their current US shows which might improve the ratings.

  4. Seal Team won’t rate. Whilst I don’t necessarily mind a US military drama depending if its any good, they don’t generally appeal to australian audiences so I can’t see it doing well. Whilst I’m tempted to give it a go I don’t think I should based on the ratings this will likely get.
    So is bull getting shifted till 10pm or getting pulled? Bull’s been good in season 2 but it took a while to get there and the audience didn’t stick around for the improvement hence the ratings. So at the moment I seem to have to chase bull and ncis around the schedule so far this year so not sure I want to add seal team to the mix. Also any word on madam secretary?

    1. Yeah, everything about this series reminds me of ‘The Unit’, which was actually a really solid show which almost justified the 4 seasons it lasted. 7 gave it a decent go early on, but it simply didn’t rate well enough. This show may get a better run on 10 since their depth of programming is mediocre in comparison, but I agree it’s likely to be a case of when – not if – you will be chasing it around the schedule.

      I’m still disappointed with what 10 did to the latest season of ‘Elementary’, which I’ve basically stopped viewing when I didn’t really want to.

    2. Bull ditched it premise (which was silly and illegal) under the new showrunner, but what it’s become is just Bull playing Perry Mason every week with the guest stars. The first season was silly but fun and much better. Apart from The Good Doctor no US show is going to rate well. CBS which owns the rights to its shows, and has nothing better to do with them, will likely run them anyway, just not in prime slots.

      1. I’m still going to disagree with you about Bull but I do think when you advertise a new show that has occupied a particular slot for a long time like with NCIS or more recently Bull you need to let viewers know what’s happening with the show they expect in that timeslot otherwise they are just going to wonder and ask questions. Hughesy new shows on Tuesdays 8.30pm my first thought was what’s happening with NCIS? Seal team is now scheduled after I’m a celeb my first thought is what’s happening with Bull? Questions I would not have if ten actually told its viewers what’s going on?

        1. Whilst moving nights (SVU to Mondays) is risky, in their defence TEN have offered a confirmed schedule for that week. We are still in non-ratings. It is unrealistic to expect full disclosure of upcoming scheduling in a competitive landscape. I’m sure they will confirm further plans for NCIS and Bull when they are ready, which is their prerogative.

          1. If next weeks schedule is set for next sunday that means Bull is out?
            So its their prerogative to schedule bull for 2 weeks then pull it? In that case its my prerogative to be annoyed about that.
            Your assuming ten are going to tell viewers what’s happening with Bull and NCIS. After what happened last year with NCIS I’m not convinced they will.

    1. Seal Team has the highest ratings of the 4 Special Forces shows on at the moment (5 if you count SWAT). So it’s likely to be renewed. But SWAT is also has similar ratings and the pilot was awful so that doesn’t say much.

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