Another TV presenter for Nostalgia Week

Another day, another clue about who features next week in Nostalgia Week:

TV Presenter: This host has faced enormous personal adversity but we still remember fondly their superstar interviews.

Previous hints:

TV Legend: This iconic actress has been a leading lady in several acclaimed dramas and boasts a long career in film, stage & radio.

TV Host: This presenter fronted one of the biggest shows of the 1980s and has stories to spill.


  1. TV Legend how about Rowena Wallace, Number 96, Cop Shop, Division 4, Prisoner, was even in the US show McCloud when it came down under as well as Dynasty and of course Pat The Rat in Sons and Daughters. Then there was Power Without Glory, Homicide, Matlock Police, The Rovers, Barrier Reef and episode of the anthology The Evil Touch and a whole heap of telemovies, though radio throws that out I guess. Only other I can think fits the bill is Noeline Brown, My Name’s McGooley, What’s Yours? The Naked Vicar Show, Graham Kennedy’s Blankety Blanks along with Radio and Theatre, so yeah either of those two hahahaha.

        • Yeah I constructed that sentence a bit wrong, should have Dynasty in before before I said US show McCloud, it confused it. Of course that show was based on the 1967 book Dynasty by Tony Morphett about a media mogul Jack Mason and his sons John, David and Peter, was critically acclaimed as well so why included.

          To Quote:

          The Mason Corporation Board controls a daily newspaper, ‘The Standard’, and a television station, MSN Channel 6. The head of the family and chairman of the board is Jack Mason, played by John Tate. A newspaperman like his father before him, Jack is an old-style autocratic owner-publisher determined to retain control.

    • plus “All the way” and Neighbours…. Hope it’s Rowena… I had the pleasure of driving her from Wonthaggi to a Charity Event in the city a few years ago, and as a huge [Huge] fan, it was like a 2 hour interview where she told me a lot [I had a lot of questions too] especially about Sons and Daughters. Such a lovely, entertaining lady. Hope she’s doing OK!

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