Brits react to cast change in Mrs Brown’s Boys

Spoilers: There was another regeneration in the UK at Christmas but fans haven't yet warmed to the idea.

The UK Christmas episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys unveiled, literally, its new look “Rory” following the departure of actor Rory Cowan.

The switcheroo took place via a plastic surgery plotline, to reveal actor Damien McKiernan (and not Eric O’Carroll as had been reported).

But fans were “unimpressed by the change” according to Radio Times, with over 70 per cent of a poll giving him the thumbs down. However, “new Rory” only really made an appearance right at the end of the episode, and many pointed out that it would take time for the new star to “settle into his role”.

Brendan O’Carroll recently told TV Tonight, Cowan needed time with his elderly mother.

“Family is the most important thing. Nothing else is as important as that. He can’t be away for 6 weeks. He needs to be where his mum is and he wants to care for her,” he said.

Meanwhile Mrs Brown’s Boys has been commissioned for Christmas specials stretching all the way until 2020 but there are no plans for a full series. Chat show All Round to Mrs Brown’s resumes in March.

“The whole family are thrilled with the reception the show has received on Saturday nights,” O’Carroll said at the time of the recommission.

“Although our focus right now is on the Christmas Specials of our regular Mrs Brown’s Boys Show, we are excited that 2018 will see party time at the Browns’ house again.”

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  1. Give him a chance to assume the role – It’s a hard act to follow

    But lets not forget other shows like Roseanne who had a running gag for years with the two actresses who played Becky

  2. the whole thing sort of fell flat its better to write a well known character out than try to replace them Rory is Rory so perhaps a new character altogether would’ve been a better fit

  3. I caught Brendan O’Carroll on the Graham Norton show and as himself, he is witty and intelligent – quite the entertaining guest. None of those compliments apply to the Mrs. Brown shows IMHO.

  4. It was a mistake to try to replace Rory, who was one of the most popular characters in the show. Better off to write him out completely and bring in a new (but possibly similar) character – maybe a cousin, or something, who comes to stay. An opportunity missed, I think.

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