Married at First Sight 2018: meet the cast

Married at First Sight returns on January 29 with its first two “TV weddings” and no shortage of drama.

There are nerves, tears, hopes, threats and arrogant claims all in the first episode.

Relationship experts John Aiken & Mel Schilling, plus neuropsychotherapist Dr Trisha Stratford return to pair 10 more couples for the cameras, but who will last the distance?

55 year old John Robertson from 2017 will also return.

The experts will undertake the mammoth task of pairing 20 brave singles to create their perfect match as 10 brides and 10 grooms undergo the most intense experiment yet. Our experts will match all our couples on the basis of extensive psychological and neurological testing and profiling. Each couple meet for the first time on their wedding day, and from the moment they exchange vows their relationships are thrust under a microscope as they experience the highs and lows of marriage at full speed – alongside other couples riding the same rollercoaster.

Once again, the couples will reside under the same roof as relationships are tested like never before.
They’ll get the chance to compare their experiences at often explosive dinner parties – and put their relationships under the microscope at the most confronting commitment ceremonies we’ve ever seen. From day one, these marriages are put to the ultimate test. But while some couples struggle with all the complexities an intense relationship experiment brings, others experience true joy as their fairytale blossoms from first glance. 10 brides. 10 grooms. 10 weddings. Who will find true lasting love?


Alycia, 28 SA (pictured top)
Occupation: Student
Twenty-eighty-year-old Alycia is a hopeless romantic who has dreamed of her fairytale wedding since childhood. Alycia’s quest for a husband knows no bounds. This smiley and sensitive student can often be found at home creating mood boards of her ideal wedding day. Long before entering the experiment she had already written her vows, picked out her dress and embarked on a wedding diet to ensure that when she did meet the right guy, she would be ready. Unsuccessful on the dating scene, Alycia has been single for four years but has never given up on her hope of meeting Mr Perfect.

Ashley, 28, Qld
Occupation: Flight Attendant
Bubbly blonde Ashley, 28, is a former tennis prodigy who now works as a flight attendant. Keen to meet the right guy, Ashley has been known to scope out male passengers on her flights. One of three sisters, Ashley is keen to follow in her siblings’ footsteps and start a family of her own. However, the energetic, giggly Ashley is no pushover. She speaks her mind and admits that she has “no real filter”.

Blair, 31 NSW
Occupation: Executive Assistant
Boho Blair is no stranger to heartbreak after her two-year marriage ended when her husband was unfaithful. Aiming to move on from her previous love woes, Blair recently had her “Wifey for Lifey” tattoo changed to “Burgers for Lifey” after that relationship ended. She has thrown herself back into the dating scene and is hoping wholeheartedly for a second chance at love. This Bondi party girl is a self-proclaimed extrovert who says she has lost count of how many partners she has had, but is determined to find the man of her dreams who she can settle down with.

Carly, 32 Vic
Occupation: Marketing Manager
Carly is a strong, confident career woman who describes herself as “unapologetically me”.
The 32-year-old workaholic has struggled to find love and wants to meet a man who can be her equal. Accustomed to working long hours and making tough decisions, Carly wants a guy who can keep her on her toes. With parents who have been together for 35 years, Carly refuses to settle for second best and wants a man who matches her when it comes to confidence, determination and drive. She has tried everything to find the man of her dreams and can regularly be found trawling dating apps. Treating dating ‘like a business’, Carly sees the quest to find the right man as a numbers game and often goes on three or four dates a week to increase her chances of finding love.

Charlene, 33 Vic
Occupation: Brand Manager
Brand manager Charlene, 33, is a self-proclaimed alpha female who oozes personality and confidence. Career-driven, Charlene struggles to balance her dating life with her busy work and social life, so she’s looking for a partner who can keep up with her fast-paced lifestyle. A straight shooter who is not afraid to speak her mind, Charlene wants a man who isn’t put off by her larger-than-life personality and can hold his own around her. Born to Sri Lankan parents, the idea of an arranged marriage isn’t foreign to this singleton. Having only been in one serious relationship that lasted 17 years, Charlene is no stranger to commitment and ready to meet her one true love.

Davina, 26 Qld
Occupation: Personal Trainer / Bikini Model
Vivacious, outgoing 26-year-old bikini model Davina is not short of male admirers. The Instagram starlet has garnered over 250,000 followers with her good looks and swimsuit photo shoots but is unlucky in love and regularly meets the “wrong kind of guys who are only after one thing”. At her own admission, Davina is extremely picky and tends to lose interest within a week of dating a guy, and her confident and strong personality has been known to intimidate the opposite sex. Despite attracting gym junkie types, Davina just wants to meet a down-to-earth tradie, a salt-of-the-earth guy who is ready to settle down.

Gabrielle, 44 NSW
Occupation: Marketing Coordinator / Plus Size Model
Gabrielle has a huge heart, which she wears unashamedly on her sleeve. The plus-size model from Sydney is looking for her “forever guy”. Previously married and twice engaged, Gabrielle, 44, has an 11-year-old daughter and has been single for over three years. Highly emotional and sensitive, Gabrielle attributes her unsuccessful past relationships to her willingness to change for the men in her life, leading them to take advantage of her kind nature. This unlucky-in-love single mum suffers from alopecia, a condition which made all her hair fall out in her teens, and she wants nothing more than to meet a genuine, loving man who will accept her for who she is.

Jo, 39 SA
Occupation: Single Mother
Jo, 39, is a South Australian Aussie battler. She’s a firecracker with boundless energy who is outspoken at all times. This loveable single mother of two has an infectious, bubbly attitude and is never short of something to say. Jo admits that she got married because he was “the first man to say I love you”, and it lasted 10 years. Since then she has had a three-year relationship “with a one-night stand that never went home”. Loud and confident, Jo is also fiercely loyal and has a lot of love to give. All she wants is someone to come home to, who will ask her how her day was. Despite the tough exterior, Jo has a soft, vulnerable side and wears her heart on her sleeve, which often leads to heartbreak.

Sarah, 38 Vic
Occupation: Beauty Specialist
After a series of unsuccessful relationships, Sarah, a red-headed bombshell, is desperate to find her life partner. Sarah describes her look as “Bo Glam”, short for Bogan-Glam, but says beneath her glammed up exterior is a genuine, down-to-earth girl looking for a genuine guy who will love her for herself. Highly emotional, Sarah carries a fear of being rejected and abandoned after having her heart broken by her ex-fiancé. At 38, Sarah feels her biological clock ticking and yearns to be a wife and mother. She longs for children of her own and can’t wait to find her Mr Right to make the dream of motherhood a reality.

Tracey, 34 WA
Occupation: Marketing Consultant
After marrying young and having a daughter in her mid-twenties, Tracey found herself single again
at age 30. Ready to hit the dating scene, she gave herself a confidence boost with cosmetic tweaks, saying “prevention is better than cure”. Confident and sophisticated, her friends describe her as possessing “sexual superpowers” that draw men in. Yet despite her influence over the opposite sex, Tracey is a traditional girl at heart, who wants a man who will take control. This sassy, self-assured single mum is ready to settle down once again – this time for keeps.

Dean, 39 NSW
Occupation: Executive Creative Director
An unapologetically proud alpha male, Dean believes that men are natural born leaders. Confident and outspoken, he is a big believer in traditional gender roles and lives by the ideal that the male should be the dominant force in a relationship. Married at 23 for five years, Dean is no stranger to heartbreak after finding his wife was unfaithful. Since then he has thrown himself into the single life, and at 39 he still lives a party-boy lifestyle. By his own admission, Dean is a very sexual person who loves the ladies, but after the recent death of his mother he’s realised he is ready to settle down and start a family.

Justin, 41 NSW
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Ambitious and driven, with an appreciation for the finer things in life, 41-year-old Justin is a self-made businessman who owns three companies. For too many years now, this hardworking
entrepreneur has let work get in the way of his love life, even attributing it to the breakdown of his marriage. Justin approaches dating like he approaches business and claims, “I always get what I want.” He’s very particular about what he wants in a woman, saying his perfect partner would be Delta Goodrem. A devoted father to two young daughters, Justin says he is ready to share his jet-setting lifestyle with his ideal woman.

Mathew, 32 Vic
Occupation: Plumber
Mat is a plumber, a tradie with a sensitive side. When he’s not fixing blocked drains, or down at the pub with mates, this cheeky knockabout bloke can be found at home on the couch watching his favourite chick flick, The Notebook. A fan of love songs and rom-coms, Mat, 32, is a romantic at heart who openly talks about feelings and emotions … and his love for his beloved Grandma. Single for over two years now, Mat put his love life on hold to care for his ailing grandmother, who he says was the most important person in his life. Since her death last year Mat is still mourning, but says he is now ready to focus on finding love.

Nasser, 50 NSW
Occupation: Fitness Instructor
Nasser is an eternal bachelor who looks and acts far younger than his 50 years. He attributes his youthful complexion to a deep love of moisturising and a daily beauty regime. Having never married or had children, Nasser admits he is set in his ways, especially when it comes to the neatness and cleanliness of his bachelor pad. For Nasser, living with a partner will be a huge challenge as he has never even lived with a girlfriend. When he’s not zipping around the streets of Bondi on his scooter Nasser can be found catching waves on his surfboard, running a boot camp for his elderly clients or perusing the rails of local op shops to add to his loud and colourful shirt collection. After discovering music at a young age Nasser joined a band as a drummer. That led to touring the world as a roadie with huge bands like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and many others. But the hard rock lifestyle took its toll and Nasser eventually grounded himself and started his own touring company based in Australia. After a lifetime of bachelorhood, Nasser is finally ready to meet the love of his life and settle down. His main criteria for his future wife? That she loves the ocean and has painted toenails.

Patrick, 34 Vic
Occupation: Operations Manager
At 34, Patrick is ready to put his party-boy lifestyle behind him and settle down with the right woman. Married at 26, his relationship with his wife broke down when he made the decision to move his ailing father into their home rather than a nursing home. After his father passed away he threw himself into the Melbourne nightclub scene, enjoying a busy dating life. It’s because of this active social life that he often gets labelled a “player”. A mummy’s boy, Patrick is under the thumb of his matriarchal Filipino mother, Ruby, who still does his washing for him. She is very opinionated about the type of girls Patrick has dated in the past and has extremely strong views on the type of woman he should marry, which she doesn’t hesitate to voice.

Ryan, 29 NSW
Occupation: Tradesman
Ryan is the life of the party. This tattooed Sydney tradie is a loveable Aussie larrikin who speaks his mind with absolutely zero filter. Single for more than two years, Ryan, 29, says he is terrible when it comes to relationships, as he doesn’t know what women want. He believes that in the past he hasn’t been able to hold down a successful relationship due to his social life taking priority over girlfriends. However, he claims to be a changed man with his partying ways a thing of the past. Ready to meet the love of his life, Ryan would love nothing more than to get married and have kids while he’s still young enough to run around with them.

Sean D, 39 SA
Occupation: Pub Manager
Pub manager Sean, 39, has been running the same Adelaide pub for 10 years. Stuck in his ways, he has never been married and has no children. Running a pub has taken its toll on Sean’s social life – working long hours has prevented him from meeting a partner. While confident at work, Sean lacks confidence in his dating life, describing himself as looking “a hundred years older than I am”. This lonely bar manager lives on a hobby farm with his dogs, horses and alpacas, and while he enjoys the solitude of farm life he wants nothing more than to find a partner who shares his love of animals – and football.

Sean T, 34 WA
Occupation: Railway Technician
Sean has had a prolific dating history, having admitted he’s slept with hundreds of women. Born and raised in Brisbane, Sean, 34, moved to Perth in 2011 to pursue work in the mines. With his job requiring him to work two weeks on and two weeks off, Sean has found it hard to settle down and meet the right woman as his relationships are constantly interrupted by work. Despite his very active sex life, Sean is ready to put that all behind him and finally find love with someone special.

Telv, 33 WA
Occupation: Machinery Technician
This big-hearted, hard-working Aussie bloke hails from humble beginnings. Born into a large Indigenous family, Telv, 33, is one of eight children. He is very close to his family and hopes to instil his family values in his two children, whom he co-parents with his ex-girlfriend. Despite the breakdown of his relationship, Telv remains focused on giving his children the childhood he never had. His lifestyle as a single dad and a FIFO worker has prevented him from meeting someone new, and as a result he’s been single for more than a year. Telv is now ready to settle down with a committed partner, who he hopes will fit in with his existing family unit and is open to having more children in the future.

Troy, 34 NSW
IT Accounts Manager
Troy is a quirky, larger-than-life personality who marches to the beat of his own drum. Confident and self-assured, he’s at a loss as to why he is still single as he sees himself as a great catch. An avid user of dating apps, Troy, 34, has tried everything to meet the woman of his dreams. However, he will not just settle for anyone and has a long list of requirements that need to be filled by his ideal partner: “a cross between Barbie and a cheerleader”. In turn, Troy places high value on his own looks and takes his personal grooming very seriously. With a zero filter, Troy has a tendency to put his foot in his mouth but has a unique ability to talk his way out of most situations. A gifted tennis player, Troy acquired a tennis scholarship and spent time in the US. But since returning to Australia he has failed to meet “the one” and is now more determined than ever to make his love life a number one priority.

7:30pm Monday January 29 on Nine.


    • Yes I get that. More than a few reality shows that push the envelope. It’s a commitment ceremony not a wedding, but this seems to have been skipped of late. I have some concerns about threats made in first episode.

    • Once a week it wouldn’t hit the brand at all but the way Aussie networks milk such shows over multiple nights amd extend them to pretty much dominate primetime Nine will end up defined by one show for the next couple of months and in supersizing this it is definately now reality trash rather than a social experiment.

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