More cast clues for TEN’s jungle

Two more clues for the I’m A Celebrity cast have been revealed:

A television star: This loveable princess knows how to keep it real. Trading in the comforts of hair, wardrobe and makeup, how will this prima donna cope without her usual luxuries?

A pop sensation: Known only by their first name, this pop sensation will be sure to keep the campmates singing and dancing, but how will they survive the long drop, camp bed and outdoor shower?

Previously-announced hints include:

An iconic Australian actor: This famous Australian actor is ready for a tree change. Trading in their air-conditioned trailer for the unpredictable African terrain, how will this screen favourite cope without a phone, personal assistant and Access All Areas pass?

An Australian stand-up queen: This queen of comedy has a lot to talk about and is sure to liven up the camp. But will they be able to see the funny side of the African jungle?

A world champion: This sporting superstar has a strong social conscience and may be used to life in the limelight, but how will they handle the simple life of sitting around the jungle campfire?

An Australian Rocker: This Australian legend has had album and single sales in excess of one million. Trading in a rock star life for a camp site with only the bare necessities, will this songster have what it takes to survive Africa’s jungle terrain?

An AFL Champion: This premiership-winning player is known for their hair-raising play. With a squad of celebrities playing hard ball for the title of King or Queen of the Jungle, will this athlete manage to maintain their team player mentality?

Two feuding celebrities: Two celebrities in the middle of Australia’s biggest feud will be heading into the jungle….. This Australian duo are used to clashing in real life, but what will happen when they are forced to live alongside one another in the unpredictable African terrain? (previously teased as “iconic” celebrities).

An iconic Australian comedian: This much-loved comedian married into one of Australia’s most famous families. When faced with South Africa’s finest creepy crawlies, will they still find a way to crack a joke about the harsh reality of camp life?


    • As sad as it is, my first thought of “princess” was Kylie Booby, who won one of the seasons of Australian Princess (the second season?). Her inclusion would be consistent with the series’ rich history of rhapsodical descriptions of their “celebrities”.

      In all seriousness though, I strongly doubt that it’s her, but I can’t picture anybody else who fits the description that would be willing to appear on a show like this (certainly not Kylie Minogue! She refuses to appear on Neighbours after all these years, even for a brief cameo).

      • If they weren’t an Aussie, then they would certainly have teased them as an “international” pop superstar.

        I instantly thought of Paulini though. Ricki-Lee’s surname is pretty widely known, I would think. They also used non-sex specific pronouns, so it could very well be a male (men usually don’t spring to mind when one thinks of a popstar).

  1. No date yet for I’m a Celeb – is there? Other two are hard core promoting Jan 29.

    Wonder if they’ll go for Jan 28? or wait till Jan 29 (or even later) to avoid sport sucking ratings away…

    • If they premiered it on Jan 28, then it will only be on air for 4 days that week as there is a Big Bash semi final on the Thursday. Maybe premiere it on the Sunday straight after the Big Final

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