Oops. Nine News uses NZ flag on Australia Day.

Just days after a typo on “Unexceptable” Waiting Times, Nine News has now used a graphic with a New Zealand Flag.

On Australia Day no less….

The NZ flag has four red stars with white borders and no six-pointed Commonwealth Star, nor the smaller fifth star as part of the Southern Cross.

It’s not the first time a network has used an incorrect flag, such as Seven using a Dutch flag whilst reporting Paris attacks, but it’s clumsy to get our own wrong on our national day.

Time for news boss Darren Wick to ensure everything graphics are being checked and double-checked before going to air…?


  1. Since 1908, the Commonwealth or Federation Star has been 7 pointed representing the 6 states plus one for the territories that make up the Commonwealth.

    The small flags are the 5 pointed NZ flag stars with a white boundary. They did get rid of the red in the stars, but then made the image semi-transparent to overlay it over an Australian Flag . So the stars look red over a red background, white over a white background and disappear over a blue background.

  2. These sorts of errors can happen at this time of year. It can be difficult for staffers to concentrate when they’ve got the Aus Open on the TV in one corner and the Big Bash on in the other.

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