Pete & Manu take charge on MKR

Pete Evans and Manu Fieldel may have witnessed fireworks on My Kitchen Rules, but this year they will boot one team off the show.

“It’s never happened before,” says Seven’s Director of Network Programming Angus Ross.

“Both of them will weigh in if they see something they don’t like it.

“It’s obvious from past years everybody loves instant restaurants, and we’ve also upped the stakes with them this year. You will see that the competitors will also be doing a little bit of cooking in Pete & Manu’s house as well.”

Ross is keeping silent on other changes to this year’s format, but says that while casting is crucial, food remains integral to the hit series.

“The great thing about all of these reality shows whether it is MKR or The Block, is you have total reset every year -a chance to refresh. The best way that you can do that is actually through the contestants. You get a great new set of personalities every year,” he continues.

“On a show like this if you don’t have good food it’s not going to work. I know there is a lot of good food this series. I know it sounds like it every year, but it has been described as the best food any of the series has ever had. So foodies will certainly get their fix in terms of amazing food and scores this year.

Begins 7:30pm tonight on Seven.


  1. The hosts of this show are pathetic, ignorant. IMHO. At the very least, they “act” like they are. Everyone I’ve ever asked about the show agrees. That makes 50 million people. If they were a dinner you would chuck it in the bin, no matter how hungry you are.

  2. I used to enjoy this show but it’s too much of a commitment when it goes on for 3 months. If you don’t have Foxtel or Netflix it’d be fine but you also get bored when it’s half way through.

  3. Manu is wasted on this show. I’d like to see him do something where he gets to have more fun. I notice that they cut him short quite a lot when he is about to say something improvised.

    • I agree. I used to love watching MKR in the early seasons, especially for his wit. Now I can’t even contemplate watching an episode of this soap opera disguised as a cooking show.

        • Completely agree with both Moe and Bruce. Watched the first two seasons but it’s been insufferable since. Manu totally deserves a decent vehicle. His new movie with Shane Jacobson might be a laugh so I intend to check that out.

  4. If this show is supposedly all about the food why don’t they show that in the promos instead of bitchy female contestants? I will wait again for MasterChef to see a show about good food from supportive contestants.

  5. If they were serious about refreshing it, what I would’ve liked to have seen is the length of episodes reduced to a tight 60 mins, instead of 90 mins+ and the number of episodes in the whole season, as the show tends to drag on and on each year.

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