Returning: Death in Paradise

UK-produced whodunit on the idyllic island of Saint Marie, Death in Paradise, returns to ABC next month for its sixth series.

Kris Marshall returns as DI Humphrey Goodman for his final season. Ardal O’Hanlon will also appear as DI Jack Mooney.

These episodes aired in the UK a year ago.

This series finds DI Humphrey Goodman eagerly awaiting the return of Martha (Sally Bretton), an old acquaintance from London. But as soon as she arrives on the island, their burgeoning romance is put to the test by an untimely murder…

DS Florence Cassell (Joséphine Jobert) becomes emotionally involved in a case when an old schoolmate is found dead, and she realises the only way to right a past wrong is to find justice for her friend in the present. Meanwhile, a surprise encounter rakes up long-buried memories for Dwayne (Danny John-Jules), and JP (Tobi Bakare) is struggling with the realities of married life.

From a cricket club president murdered in the middle of the pitch, to a scientist found dead halfway up a volcano, there are more fiendishly difficult puzzles for the team to tackle in this eight-part series. And a seemingly unsolvable case takes Humphry and the team to London, in a special two-part story.


Episode One:

A scientist studying a live volcano is found dead halfway up the mountain, and the evidence points to a heart attack. Humphrey is convinced one of the dead man’s colleagues murdered him – an unlikely possibility, since they all have alibis. Away from the investigation, Humphrey eagerly awaits Martha’s return to the island, while JP settles into married life and Dwayne makes an error of judgment while talking to a journalist.

Guest stars: Douglas Hodge, Natasha Little and Sally Bretton.

7:30pm Saturday February 3 on ABC.


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