Simpsons set for 7mate, MASH to 7TWO.

How I Met Your Mother episodes are also part of FOX deal.

Seven has confirmed 7mate will be the new home of The Simpsons.

A new series is on the way after Seven signed a deal wth FOX. Dates are yet to be announced.

MASH has also been confirmed for 7TWO.

“Shows like The Simpsons & MASH have a great Free to Air track record on digital channels. That FOX library was a great opportunity to reinforce the dominance of our digital channels,” Director of Programming Angus Ross.

“It’s cherry-picking the best content.”

Ross also confirmed former How I Met Your Mother episodes is also part of the deal.

Despite the 7flix loss of The Big Bang Theory back to Nine The Simpsons will not fill the space..

“We have other plans,” he teased.

Updated: Modern Family is also expected to form part of Seven’s deal.

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  1. Thanks David. So, we can expect (I’m strongly presuming based on all the info / leaks):

    7Two: MASH + regular murder mysteries and lifestyle on weekend.

    7mate: The Simpsons (hopefully repeats too) + other animation and regular ‘male’ shows (Highway Patrol, movies, American this, American that…)

    7flix: How I Met Your Mother + Modern Family + movies.

    Do Nine and Ten have any significant shows or acquisitions for their multi-channels, to rival? Love Island is one I’m sure.

    1. That would be ideal if Seven knew how to stick to a schedule, you watch as 7TWO turns into a repeat channel for their reality shows, they can’t even keep Family Guy and American Dad on one night, it’s about the third time it’s moved nights, it’s now on Wednesday nights.

    1. Never. Mate was only a HD channel because they had to show HD content somewhere and didn’t want it to be on 7. If they shut down the SD simulcast of 7 that would free up some bandwidth, which could be used to improve the picture on Mate, but not enough to make it HD.

  2. Modern Family is the only thing i’m interested in but I love How I Met Your Mother so will be good to have reruns of that. I always watch it from time to time. Also looking forward to the new series, The Resident. Emily and Matt i love both of them and have heard good things about it.

  3. If MASH receives the same treatment that 7TWO gives other ‘classic’ shows, chopping them down so severely to fit in more advertising that their continuity is disrupted and in many cases story critical elements are missing completely breaking the story, it may as well not be shown.

  4. What a waste. TEN inexplicably dumped The Simpsons on Eleven when it was still rating well on the main channel. It’s no wonder they’re in the mess that they’re in now.

    Surely The Simpsons is worth giving a shot on the main channel. With just a bit of publicity, it could rate through the roof.

    1. Unfortunately this would not work, The Simpsons (new episodes) are so utterly terrible and unwatchable these days. I absolutely love The Simpsons, and will re-watch any episode from seasons 1-10, and select from 11-15, but after that I don’t watch them in rerun. I gave up on regularly watching new episodes about 5 years ago. When I give a new episode a try, I am always let down, there is no humour, no memorable quotes, simply rehashed stories which completely contradict or override memorable episodes from 20 odd years ago. I think Barney Gumble said it best, and it relates well to current day Simpsons, “Don’t cry for me, I’m already dead”.

      1. As l said previously l don’t think have lost that much in teal terms. Allows them to freshen up the networks. If they get access to the entire CBS library they will be better off.

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