Sports presenter takes anchor chair in Perth

Sports presenter Michael “Thommo” Thomson has been confirmed as the new anchor of Nine News in Perth from Monday, January 22.

Thomson, 57, will replace Emmy Kubainski and Tim McMillan who were both let go last month in a surprise move. He told News Corp he was surprised but excited when management approached him to take over, about two weeks ago.

“We work in a tough and at times brutal business,” he said. “I liked Emmy and Tim immensely and worked closely with them. I have huge respect and time for them.

“They’re great people.”

Thomson began his career at The Daily News in 1980, before working at Nine from 1987 – 2011, and returning in 2013.

Nine is yet to reveal who will replace Thomson on the sport desk.


  1. You maybe right about Thommo.
    I will be watching Nine News. Maybe Pav might do the sport or Paddy
    Will never watch Seven News. Rick ans Sue have been there too long.

  2. Interesting choice, he’ll be a good normal presenter but don’t see him being an outstanding presenter. Curious to see if this means there’s more of a sport theme to 9News to make them stand out against the competition?

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