Tomic close to quitting TEN series

Tennis champ Bernard Tomic is delivering the drama for I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, already close to quitting the show after just three days.

After volunteering to take part in a skyhigh trial, he battled high winds and impaired vision, but unable to contain his nausea, he quit the challenge after gaining three out of the 10 available stars. Removed from the trial, medics were on the scene.

He later revealed he was ready to quit the series to return to tennis competition.

“This is the jungle, this is so different. Not what I expected, I don’t think I can do it,” Tomic said.

“There is no point in me being here anymore and wasting unnecessary time for myself because I need to be out there playing and competing and I feel bad because I just met this bunch of people and you guys are super,” he said.

But his co-stars encouraged him to forge ahead.

Meanwhile TEN is copping criticism for Anthony Mundine’s homophobic statements ahead of his arrival on screen, as well as admitting, “I just kick back and relax while women cook and clean. That is my attitude.”

The TEN series launched well on Sunday with 1.25 million metro viewers up 14% in Total People in 2017.


  1. Everyone knew this wasn’t the right thing for him, we all knew he’d quit. I mean when he was in there he was saying I didn’t expect it to be like this. Well what did he think was in there. Fast cars and a party every night?

    He isnt focused on getting back to his tennis. Its all he can do and he has no back up plan. He talks about how he doesnt enjoy it. He just wants to make the cash and thats it. another mistake he will make doing something that makes him miserable.

    Also what about his charity. It would be nice if he donated some money to them. They lose out here.

    He needs to speak to someone because he seems he has a lot of things going around that head of his.

    • Well he’s gone. First one ever I think.
      As someone who has worked with professional sportsmen this young man needs some serious guidance and a decent mentor. Single-person sports (e.g. swimming, tennis, golf etc.) don’t have the natural ‘built-in’ support network of peers/team coaches/managers that team-based sports have.
      Tennis Australia has a duty of care for the athletes under it’s management.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    I see a very troubled young man….many issues to deal with…from his past…mental health issues….And re the jungle…I think a lot of people think it is fake…and dont realise just how real it is..
    I reckon Mundine is just stirring….but I dont watch…so really would not know….

    • Indeed. But he doesn’t need the money. All he knows is tennis and if he doesnt get back and pull his finger out it’s all over. Not that it isn’t already.

  3. I may be in the minority, but I really like Bernie and feel for him. Wouldn’t be easy to handle for any young man to have essentially the entire country calling you a d***head and berating for the past few years (of course a lot because of his own actions).

    • I for one am with you Bruce. I can’t believe how nasty people can be in the things they are saying about him. They gobble up what the media feeds them with a vegenance. He has obviously gone on this show to try and get people to like him. Casey Donovan said I’m a Celebrity get me out of here twice last series and she ended up winning it. Go figure that one out !!

  4. jezza the first original one

    I think Bernie is doing well, he has lasted longer than most of his recent tennis tournaments and has not damaged any equipment. Anthony ‘The Man’ Mundine is awesome, the best character that has entered the jungle so far across all series. I hope he wins

  5. Despite Mundine’s archaic views on everything and his delusions of grandeur he is really stirring up the camp. just what this show needs. And yeah Facebook is blowing up with angry women. Tomic just wants to go back home to count his millions

    • Tomic has won Sydney once and Bogata twice and been ranked 17th in the world. He has currently slumped to 168 and TA will not longer hand him free money through wild-cards to Australian tournaments. Given that he can’t be bothered training and often bails during tennis matches when it gets tough, you have to wonder why he thought he would be able to survive being tortured by TV producers for 6 weeks. His crude attempt to spin his image has backfired badly. Ten is laughing though.

      • jezza the first original one

        Well he was never going to complete 6 weeks especially when he only manages a couple of days at most tennis tournaments in recent times. He has done remarkably well for him…..

  6. never thought much of him, until, 2 shows in & clearly he is a lost young man in need of proper guidance & mentorship, as he said, no child hood, thrust into professional spotlight & doesn’t know what to do with his life, really feel for him

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