TV legends given stamp of approval

Bert, Daryl, Ray, Denise & Kerri-Anne all celebrated by Australia Post.

Five TV legends -Bert Newton, Daryl Somers, Ray Martin, Denise Drysdale & Kerri-Anne Kennerley- have been honoured with their very own Australia Post stamp.

Yesterday all but Denise Drysdale attended an Australia Day function at South Wharf in Melbourne to launch the stamps.

Christine Holgate, Australia Post Managing Director and Group CEO said, “Each of these multi-award winning television personalities have made unique contributions to the Australian entertainment industry and have played a role in forming our national popular culture.

“They are consummate performers who have entertained, informed and entranced generations of Australians. Together they encompass an incredible range of remarkable talents including journalism, variety hosting, interviewing, singing, acting and comedy.”

All 5 are Gold Logie winners but only 2 of them are in the Hall of Fame: Bert and Kerri-Anne. Denise for 2018 please!

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  1. Congratulations to them, although I did think Bert Newton’s interview on the TV news highly disrespectful. If you didn’t see it, he stated he was shocked to see Ray at the event as he thought he was dead.

  2. David in your newsletter you mentioned Molly Meldrum. Turns out he had already been honoured with a Legends stamp, in 2013: australiapostcollectables.com.au/articles/australia-post-legends-award

  3. What a delightful idea. I’d like to see a series where Australian’s who are famous abroad, make it onto the international stamps… but maybe as the Fictional characters they play…. Lou and Harold from Neighbours as characters are huge exports to the UK for example.

  4. Wow this has stirred up a lot of anger on social media. I haven’t bought a stamp for ages so the $1 was the biggest surprise for me! Great to see those lovely faces again though.

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