TV Tonight Awards 2017: Story of the Year

TV Tonight readers are agreed.

2017’s legacy will be the ongoing saga of Hollywood Harassment, triggered by revelations surrounding powerhouse producer Harvey Weinstein, led by the NY Times.

The continuing fallout, including the global #metoo campaign, is rippling throughout international and Australian entertainment circles.

Readers agreed it was the most important story of 2017, ahead of ownership issues at Network TEN. But it was a close battle between the two.

This year I am publishing the Top 10 results in the Story of the Year category in the TV Tonight Awards.

Story of the Year: Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Hollywood Harassment, #metoo
TEN goes into receivership, acquired by CBS
Lisa Wilkinson quits Nine
Rebel Wilson vs Bauer Media
Don Burke allegations
Death of John Clarke, Les Murray, Judith McGrath
Australian Ninja Warrior bumper ratings
Lateline axed, ABC restructures
Tim Worner, Amber Harrison affair
Ben McCormack arrest
(2016: Donald Trump, former reality star, becomes US President)

Meanwhile there were no changes in the top Pay TV, Streaming and Free to Air winners, but some minor movements in other placings.

* denotes runaway winner.

Best Pay TV Channel: Showcase *
BBC First
(2016: Showcase)

Best Subscription TV Service: Netflix *

Foxtel Now
Fetch TV
(2016: Netflix)

Best Free to Air Network: ABC *

(2016: ABC)

There were 433 votes this year.

68% of you visit the site Once a Day or More with 89% voting it Excellent or Very Good. Just 1% voted it Disappointing.

Thanks once again to all of those who participated!


  1. The Weinstein ripple was long overdue mostly because of the long list of celebrities and powerbrokers within the entertainment industry who have been associated with him for decades, the aftershock is going to continue for some time and it should make a fascinating movie or mini series of it’s own eventually when all the guilty are finally revealed, including those Hollywood personalities trying to take advantage of this trending sad situation in one form or another for their own purposes.

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