Vale: Moya O’Sullivan

Veteran performer best known for Neighbours, Cop Shop & Hey Dad!, has died.

Veteran performer Moya O’Sullivan, best known for Neighbours, Cop Shop & Hey Dad!, has died aged 91.

She passed away on January 16th with her funeral to be held tomorrow in Edgecliff.

O’Sullivan portrayed Marlene Kratz, the mother of Lou Carpenter’s late wife Cheryl Stark, in Neighbours from 1994 to 1997. She was once described as “the grooviest granny in Erinsborough, who throws herself into any worthy cause, and opens her house to every passing waif and stray.” Marlene departed the street for a cruise, reappearing in 2005 in appears in Annalise’s documentary about Ramsay Street, for the 20th anniversary, where it was revealed she was still sailing the high seas.

O’Sullivan also played Lorna Close in Cop Shop, mother of Valerie (Joanna Lockwood) from 1977 – 1978 and Grandma Lois Kelly in Hey Dad! 1987 – 1991.

But there were numerous other guest roles in shows including Skippy, Matlock Police, Homicide, Division 4, Number 96, Sons and Daughters, A Country Practice, Water Rats, Blue Heelers, Outriders, Flat Chat, Home and Away, All Saints, The Adventures of Skippy and Tricky Business.


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  1. Lots of fond memories of Moya over the years. Especially in Cop Shop and Neighbours.

    Her exit from Neighbours was one of those classic soapie exits where she went on a three month cruise but never returned. It was very funny many years later when we saw she was still on a boat.

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