When TV heroes come true

In this age of social media having a TV star reply to you the old-fashioned way, is probably something of a dying art.

In the past stars would famously sign fan cards sent by diligent publicists. They were especially popular amongst soaps. I’m sure readers can share stories of those they have received in the past. These days I wonder how many networks are still producing fan cards at all?

Over the past week 2 stories have reminded me that even the biggest stars will still reach out, especially to the youngest of fans.

6 year old Wagga boy Archie Cumerford wrote to Sir David Attenborough to thank him for teaching him about frogs and “mooses”.

In return he received a signed picture, just 2 weeks later: ‘To Archie, best wishes, David Attenborough.'”

“To have such a famous person not only autograph and write a personal message to Archie, but to do it in just a couple of weeks has really been astounding,” his mother Toni told Fairfax.

“It just makes us love him even more.”

Peter Capaldi wrote a Christmas letter to a 9 year old concerned he was losing his favourite Doctor Who.


  1. I used to write to famous people all the time and used to get autographed photos or cards back from them. Still remember I got one from Jimeoin when he had his short lived show on Channel 7, and also got autograph cards and letters from Micheal Tunn when he hosted The Afternoon Show

  2. I wrote to dieter brummer when he was on home and away. I wanted him to sign some posters. Never got a reply back and have no idea what happened to my posters.

  3. Perhaps a little (a lot?) more daggy than Attenborough or Dr Who but when I was about 12 I wrote a letter to Colette Mann. She’d just left Prisoner and was doing some segments on Hey Hey It’s Saturday and I think The Don Lane Show and stuff like that. I never expected a reply but she wrote this lovely letter back and thanked me because of letters like mine she’d just been renewed by Hey Hey for another 13 weeks. I was so thrilled. I still have the letter.

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