Ash & Matty leave My Kitchen Rules

Sunshine Coast surfies Ash & Matty became the first team eliminated from My Kitchen Rules 2018 after the introduction of the Elimination House.

The property at Kenthurst NSW has also been home to a season of Beauty & the Geek and videos with Rebel Wilson. Chef Colin Fassnidge also appeared, not to judge, but to oversee the two teams as they cooked for contestants.

Ash & Matty faced off against friends Stella & Jazzey. But after 3 rounds, Stella & Jazzey scored
103 points while Ash & Matty languished behind on just 67. Exiting the contest was no real surprise given Matty admitted in the first episode that he “could’t cook.”

Ash said, “It’s been a helluva ride, perfect choice of partner even though he can’t cook. I still wouldn’t choose anyone else. I could have but that wouldn’t have been fun. It’s the most amazing experience we could ever have asked for.”

Tonight Group 2 teams head to Tasmania where truffle farmer Henry & sister Anna cook on their family farm in Deloraine.


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  1. What a slap in the face for MKR would be contestants that can cook. What was the benefit to MKR of having Matty on? He was a nice enough young man but what did he bring to the show? As a viewer I feel hoodwinked.

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