Aussie Felix Mallard lands CBS pilot

Neighbours cast member to star in a comedy pilot alongside Damon Wayans Jr.

Neighbours cast member Felix Mallard has landed a comedy pilot for CBS, starring alongside Damon Wayans Jr.

Mallard, who played ‘Ben Kirk’ in Neighbours variously from 2014 – 2017, will star as ‘Cooper’, a superstar musician who is drawn to the normal suburban life of Peter (Damon Wayans Jr.) and his wife Claire (yet to be cast) and moves in.

Justin Bieber meets All Together Now…..?

‘Cooper’ is described as a very positive guy who sees the good in everyone and everything, as well as being effortlessly cool and youthfully naïve.

Ok maybe not Bieber…

The pilot is written by Tim McAuliffe (The Last Man on Earth) and Austen Earl (9JKL).

Source: Deadline, Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Neighbours did well keeping his departure quiet. I expect his departure will be another one of those rushed storylines where he has to unrealistically move overseas or interstate that day or the next.
    Wonder if the character of Holly (Karl and Izzy’s daughter) will take his place in the Kennedy household. Otherise they’ll have to come up with another Kennedy/Tyler/Conway/Smith/Kinsi child relative to move in.

    1. Well, there goes my theory for a potential Libby (Kym Valentine) return then. Given Steph (Carla Bonner) had been back for a year or so now ..

      I do realise that Kym had a long-running feud with Fremantle Media, starting back in 2008 when she fell ill and was temporarily replaced by Michaela Bannas (I do remember that, remember the finale where one of the Kinski children went missing during the raft accident?)

  2. David is correct. He finished filming late last year. His final scenes air next week. He has been taking photos in LA in recent months. Incidently, Olympia Valance also finishes up in coming weeks, she also finishes filming late last year and is also in LA.

      1. Casting manoeuvres are generally not a spoiler on an entertainment site. It’s news. How the character exits is the spoiler. I accept it is contentious but it’s the line in the sand here. Just becomes impractical to put a spoiler on every casting announcement.

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