Blue Bloods: update

Blue Bloods fans were just a tad confused last week when a repeat episode screened instead of a new episode.

A TEN spokesperson told TV Tonight, “The original schedule was a double episode of Blue Bloods (S8, Ep2 followed by S7, Ep12) however there was a late change last Thursday with programming.

Blue Bloods S8, Ep2 will be aired this coming Thursday night at 10pm AEDT followed by Blue Bloods S7, Ep13 at 11pm AEDT.”

tenplay has now pulled S8E2 online until it screens this week.


  1. carolemorrissey

    So annoying when they do that. I remember them doing the same thing last year. They had 3 encores of This is Us over the weekend. I like the show but that is ridiculous. It was on instead of crazy ex girlfriend too. If they’re only going to show 1 episode, show the new one not the repeat.

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