Brenda & Ron the sitcom?

Amongst some of the more peculiar and sometimes mundane scenes of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here is the banter between Peter Rowsthorn and Fiona O’Loughlin’s alter egos “Brenda & Ron.”

Acting up as a jaded marital couple, the chemistry between the two has not gone unnoticed by viewers, prompting some to wonder if there is a sitcom in the making? Many comedy ideas have begun as sketches, short films and slimmer starts than this.

Rowsthorn, of course, is already much-loved as the frazzled hubby of Kim Craig in Kath & Kim, but the last instalment, Kath & Kimderella was five years ago. If there are no more episodes on the horizon, there is arguably room for another comedy (after all other cast are working on new projects).

This year TEN is conducting a Pilot Week and whilst it may not be enough time to develop, script and shoot a new narrative comedy, it’s exactly the right forum to test a new comedy with Brenda, Ron and their potential empty nest.

TV Tonight understands industry eyes are watching the blossoming relationship with some interest, as well as audience reaction.



  1. So good to see Fiona doing well for herself. By her own admission, we nearly lost her a couple of years ago.
    Both her and Pete have brilliant chemistry, would definitely watch.

  2. The Fiona And Peter Variety Hour . Featuring stand ups , sketches (including Brenda And Rons Mishaps Adventures , that continue on weekly ) and behind the scenes of a life of a comedian.. including back stage at festivals and life of the stage ??

    • Definitely better than a sitcom! Especially if they uncover new talent/bring in some heavyweights every so often. Rebel Wilson as the daughter anybody?

      A variety hour or something along those lines might suit Australia better (although last time that happened was really Ben Elton’s Live from Planet Earth and look how that turned out…)

  3. I’d watch it. They’re awesome. Peter and Fiona are such natural comedians. A joy to watch during what is possibly the most bizarre season of Celebrity I’ve seen. ?

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