Bryan Fuller exits Amazing Stories reboot

Showrunner Bryan Fuller has parted ways with the Amazing Stories reboot for Apple, citing creative differences.

The Hollywood Reporter notes Fuller is said to have wanted to do a Black Mirror-type show for the anthology, but Apple had other ideas.

Fuller was also set to executive produce alongside Steven Spielberg, Amblin Television’s Justin Frank & Darryl Falvey and Hart Hanson (Bones).

Update: Hart Hanson has also exited, leaving the show to look for a new showrunner.

The news comes after Fuller and Michael Green were fired from Starz drama American Gods, and being asked to step down from Star Trek: Discovery.

The split is said to be amicable.


  1. Ive been putting off watching Fugitives is it that bad??? I thought “Company Man”, one of his episodes, was probably the high point of Heroes but I’m not too enamored with his other shows, nor his DS9 or Voyager work which was not noteworthy.

    Indeed it’s arguable that Star Trek Discovery had labored under the weight of some of his early decisions tlike the look of the klingons or even the decision to set the show before TOS which has so far led to only callbacks rather than any substantial storyline

  2. I was about to say the same as MuchoTB. When I read I the Byline – I thought… Bryan Fuller exits another show. I have to say I like most of the shows he’s been involved in but there’s a pattern here that can be ignored. Picking up his bat and ball maybe?

  3. This guy is a quitter and his shows are overrated. Hannibal was a disgusting series and his episodes of Heroes were the most boring of the series (see the Volume: ‘Fugitives’). This is not the first show he has left or been sacked from

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