Can Steve Price do the impossible and lift I’m A Celebrity ratings?

Steve Price is being rushed to South Africa to head back into the jungle as ratings for I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here has TEN nervous.

Price featured in the show last year coming 5th but managing to win some praise from cynical viewers. He will make his return on Sunday as a late addition despite the celebrities being told no further additions were coming.

But this week the show hit an all-time low, falling under the 500,000 mark. Given the cost of producing the show, those figures are unacceptable.

After the inclusion of Vicky Pattison, Paul Burrell, and especially Lisa & David Oldfield, viewers have been switching off.

But while Price may have won praise for showing a different side to his personality, and hosting “Jungle Radio” interviews, improving figures is a tall order before the finale due on Sunday or Monday March 11 / 12.

It’s a shame TEN could no call upon Lisa Wilkinson or Carrie Bickmore to help bring viewers back. We’ve already seen the Price in the Jungle show and many will still view him at the low end of the likeability-scale.

If only those rumours of Fran Drescher had proven true. If only CBS had dug deep and sent a big name star from the USA.

Heck even Anastasia from Gogglebox would have been a better pick.


  1. I think it’ll be interesting to see the (hopefully)inevitable clash between Steve and David. I want some more conflict! Fiona vs David was great viewing.

  2. Personally I was glad to see the back of Mundine and though David Oldfield is a complete tosser, he did have a worthwhile insight into Burrell’s character in the midst of his drivel. So I’m prepared to put up with him for the odd snippet. So long as they don’t dominate airtime; I need my quota of the Fiona and Pete show. More Price seems frankly unnecessary, we got quite enough thanks.

  3. Well there is still an awful lot of us out there that still love the show. Pretty sure Pricey is just doing a fly in fly out visit and I just seen an advert that John Edwards is going in as another psychic. I am sure Jackie will love that !

  4. I love the show so have stuck with it and can excuse it for it’s short comings this year, but I can see why viewers are switching off. A few things need to happen to bring it back on track. Bringing in Vicky (Pollard haha – they actually both talk the same haha) was a huge letdown and mistake. Too much air time given to her early on and viewers couldn’t care less about her. She needs to go this Sunday night! Mix the challenges up a bit. We’ve seen most of them before. Find ways to cover David and Lisa Oldfield in elephant crap once or twice an episode and promote the hell out of it. Not really getting the impression the celebs are doing it tough this year. Up the stakes a bit. Divide the camp. Some have beds, some don’t, take the fire away…that sort of thing.

    • Lots of good ideas. We also need a lot more of Ron and Brenda. If they can make changes on the run, then they need to recognise that Peter and Fiona are the real stars this season and show a lot more footage of them.

    • Bringing in Vicky was a huge letdown and mistake? Wha? Viewers couldn’t care less about her? huh? I admit I knew nothing about her before she went in but she now may actually be running for one of the top faves in there at the moment. Just take a look at the official I’m A Celebrity page where they posted a Vicky update from yesterday. Many are claiming their love for her and she rated highly in the votes for new camp leader as well.

  5. At least with it being a live show they can make changes “on the run”. Maybe if they can also kick the Oldfields off the show & make a big deal out of it? Last year, with the Biggest Loser flop, Ten just had to go with it because it was produced already

  6. I don’t thinks it’s a bad cast or a disaster. It’s just had a lot of competition in the time slot . Maybe next year they’ll consider putting it on at 9pm-10.30pm

  7. Funny how people react to a problem. It is usually a knee-jerk reaction to start with. Maybe try and find the root cause of the problem and fix it once and for all. In this case I would can the show and try something different…….amputate the root cause.

  8. Mr game show fan

    I don’t think he is actually there as a fully fledged campmate.

    Unless I misheard from the hosts, he is only doing a special Jungle Radio segment.
    If he actually is going in as a fully fledged campmate, Ten must be getting desperate. I don’t think (at least the Aussie version of) I’m A Celebrity has ever had repeat campmates.

  9. I don’t think it’s just the celebrity choices that have impacted on ratings. MAFS and MKR have been very strategic in their promotional ads and casting choices. Funny real celebrities on 10 have no match for wannabies! I feel sorry for 10 because people like Bernard Tomic and Anthony Mundine were great choices. That’s the risk of TV. They weren’t to know what would happen. I haven’t watched IACGMOOH so cannot comment on who’s in their and how interesting they are. Here’s hoping the year gets better for 10. With Australian Spartan getting lots of interest they still have a long way to go in gaining new viewers away from 7 & 9.

  10. So is Steve Price a guest or a contestant again? I enjoyed him in the jungle last year but if it is the latter this reeks desperation especially when viewers are complaining the show is repetitive from last year.

  11. No chance. Terrible casting this year. Controversial figures have turned many off. Many tuned in to see Tomic because they were keen to see the ‘real’ Tomic., who actually turned out to be exactly the same as the one we all knew. Giving the likes of Mundine and David Oldfield a platform for their racist rants is a huge turn off and ratings have proven that.

  12. Yes, he can…but only for as long as he is there. If he can stay long enough to see off the Oldfields, it will help. Combined with the end of the Olympics, I would expect a modest lift in ratings.

    Like a lot of these shows, the producers always take a gamble when choosing the participants. Sometimes it just doesn’t come off – they play too nicely together, someone who seemed likeable became just plain annoying and repellent, the controversial ones turn out to be boring. But sometimes it succeeds beyond their wildest dreams, like with Pricey last year. Can’t blame them for trying to recapture the magic.

  13. No! No Goggleboxers… I like them as they are now… (if already they are becoming more than just “everyday Australians watching TV”)… if they turn in to full blown celebrity that’s when I will really become concerned.

    • Yeah, those on gogglebox aren’t meant to be ‘celebs’ really. If they start appearing outside that show are we meant to see them commentating on themselves? Then even if they were to enter their show their claim to fame is ‘watching tv’? Anyway, personally I’m not much of a fan of any of them there so that is partly staining my view but I just don’t think it’s good if they appear on other things outside of that.

      Anyway looking forward to what happens when Steve Price goes in again.

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