1. Such a shame! Why did Ten have to cast these re-tread pom leftovers from Brit reality shows. Rather lazy don’t you think? Lisa Oldfart? Don’t know, Don’t care. Clearly nobody else does!

  2. Ten were stupid to put this up against MKR/the Winter Olympics, pretty sure the ratings would be a bit better if they waited till they were over. Like i said in another post, not sure its the celebs thats the problem, same set, uniforms, challenges etc every year, they need to stop being lazy & change some things about the look & feel of the show.

      • yes possibly, instead of all the networks wanting to be ‘first off the blocks’ & competing with their premium shows at the start of February, they could pace it better. People still want to watch TV later in the year, instead by then we tend to get left with the dregs, although that could be arguable depending on one’s viewing tastes.

  3. I watched I’m a Celebrity up until about a week ago. I found Mundine and Green interesting watching, but once Mundine went there seemed to be more of a focus on Jackie and she’s not my cup of tea at all. I didn’t know who the two poms where and I didn’t find either interesting so I lost interest pretty quickly. In terms of the cast overall, I think it’s one of the best they’ve had, but agree the most recent 4 additions haven’t been good choices.

    • I had no idea of Vicky either before this, but to be honest I think she’s quite good value now. She’s nice and fun so I’m glad she’s there.

      Mundine was good value too. Not sure what his true reason was for leaving. I suspect if Danny didn’t come in he wouldn’t have walked as it seems he was afraid of actually becoming friends with him if he stayed longer, but he wants to continue the rivalry even though Danny says it’s over.

  4. Ten are going for conflict instead of just challenging the celebs which is what we want to see, Shannon I thought would have been more lively but man he does nothing but love Fiona she is bloody hilarious and Simone surpsied me and I now quite like her and also Danny has opened his shell which is nice to see but I want then challenged for god sake!

  5. Well I for one still enjoy IACGMOOH but I have to grab the remote when the horrible eating challenges are on which is funny because then I have to put up with Davina and Co on MAFS and that kind of turns my stomach more!! Oh you gotta laugh or you would cry!

        • I really don’t get why Jackie O gets such a bad wrap, she was a main talent in what was arguably the biggest show of the beginning of the new millennium in Popstars which was really the kick off for all the reality programming we see today. She hosted two seasons of Australian Princess, which wasn’t to everyones enjoyment, but she did a good job hosting it.
          By the time she and Kyle took over the reigns of hosting Big Brother, it was already becoming a dead horse, yes Undercover Angles was a turkey and her Kyle’s attempt to host a late night talk show just didnt have the right timing about it.

          But she has been the queen of Aussie radio for close to two decades and Id imagine one of the highest paid females across any type of Aussie entertainment, I still think with the right vehicle she would be very successful in TV, but she clearly isn’t that interested and why would you be…

    • It will get canned anyway. Is it just a coincidence that the same producer Alex M worked on the last Big Brother on Ten, he was in charge of Big Brother whilst it was on Nine and now he is in charge of this show as well. It seems he doesn’t have the ability to sustain the success of a show.

      • The first 2 Big Brothers on Nine rated well and were great. As were the last 2 years of Celeb. Alex ran all of those too. I reckon they have been very unlucky with their 2 “premium” names walking out and against massive opposition.
        I still like the series very much.

        • That’s what I meant about not being able to sustain success. His Big Brother on Ten was horrible. The first two seasons on Nine were alright but nothing compared to Tens and the last season on Nine was horrible. And now Celeb has already burnt out after 4 seasons.

  6. I loved the last 2 series of Celeb but this year has been yawn.It started ok with interest in Tomic and Mundine. Its sad but unless there is lots of bitching and backstabbing these shows don’t survive.

  7. I decided to give it a miss once the Oldfield’s arrived. I was getting over it anyway but nasty reality TV is not something I want to see. I did like Brenda and Ron though.

  8. On Celebrity, I want to see people who are usually nice that then struggle with living with people they don’t know etc. This causes them to open up and change and maybe cause some tensions too, which is the fun part of Celebrity. Watching terrible people be terrible to each other (i.e. the Oldfields) is not entertainment. It’s why i no longer watch MKR. Celebrity was the escape from that kind of programming.

  9. Mr game show fan

    Even Channel 10 must hate the Oldfields.

    They did not give them the 1 time immunity from the Sunday elimination.
    The Brits however were given that immunity period.

  10. What must it cost to have a crew of 400 plus in the jungle. I thought last year’s numbers didn’t justify a renewal, but this year’s surely must be the end. Bad decision making 10, very bad. And don’t blame it on the Winter Olympics !

  11. People enjoy watching the villains on MAFS and MKR as they evolve, but the Oldfield’s are known to be horrible people. Lazy casting to provoke headlines is being rewarded with low figures, who woulda thunk?

  12. I’m trying to think of someone worse that was sent into I’m A Celebrity and I can’t. Terrible on 10’s part for inflicting the Oldfields on the viewers and those in camp. The only positive I can somewhat see from this is hopefully it means they’re the next to go whilst those who have been there longer I assume would have more support and can stay longer.

    • Ten wouldn’t be too disappointed with that. Same ratings as I’m A Celebrity but a lot cheaper to produce no doubt. No doubt with a better lead in it could probably perform better. Last nights show was the best yet I think, Fiona Oloughlin had some good stories to tell.

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