CBS: “Stay tuned” on TEN plans

CBS has announced its latest results in the US and amongst the numbers was the a few references to TEN.

CBS chief operating officer Joseph Ianniello flagged upcoming investments in the Australian TV network, telling analysts to “stay tuned”.

Ianniello said CBS grew its revenues 11 per cent in the quarter to $US3.9 billion. While TEN bolstered its advertising revenue, he said it wasn’t a significant proportion of CBS’ overall results.

“Without Network TEN we still would’ve still had [similar] growth,” he said.

“It’s not a significant deal on a $13.7 billion revenue base [over the year] – it’s hundreds of millions of dollars, in that magnitude.”

The planned investments in the Australian broadcaster would dilute TEN’s profit margin in the short term, he said.

Amongst its previously-announced plans is the launch of CBS All Access in Australia, after doing so in Canada, and thereafter Europe and beyond.

“Network TEN provides a number of compelling digital opportunities,” CEO Les Moonves said.

The company said it now has nearly 5 million subscribers for its CBS All Access and Showtime online streaming services. Its goal is to have 8 million (US) subscribers of the two services by 2020. CBS willlaunch “CBS Sports HQ,” an over-the-top sports service, later in February, and a streaming product based on the Entertainment Tonight entertainment-news program later this year.

Moonves said that CBS in 2018 was “poised to deliver results that will be by far the greatest financial performance in our company’s history.

“Trust me, you will not be disappointed.”

Source: Fairfax, Reuters


  1. Going over Ten’s lineup for this year, it’s not much different from previous years i.e. a bunch of US dramas that won’t rate well and various reality shows. I’m wondering exactly how and when CBS will turn Ten around?

    • They need to sort out what One and Eleven should be 1st in my view. These channels cant be mish mash of encores and repeats. Ten need to address the 6-7.30pm. Tens success was when they started their reality shows at 7pm. Think they need to revisit that. Alternatively offer a show similar to ACA with Lisa fronting it. Sooner than later Tracy will finish at ACA so now would be a good time to plant some seeds.

  2. A 60% increase in streaming customers within 2 years to CBS All Access and Showtime is an ambitious target. Introducing these streaming channels here seems at odds with increasing Ten’s FTA audience.

    The CBS Executives who believe that there’s too much football on TV should heed HG Nelsons “Too much sport is never enough”. American football simulcast on TEN?

  3. wellinmyopinion

    “…it’s hundreds of millions of dollars, in that magnitude.
    The planned investments in the Australian broadcaster would dilute TEN’s profit margin in the short term, he said.”
    This is an interesting comment potentially meaning an investment of “hundreds of millions of dollars” into the Australian TV market.
    Exciting to think what this will mean.

    • WIN gets a clean feed from TEN and can add what it likes. Although there is a symbiotic relationship CBS may only be able to “suggest” changes to WIN.

      IMO the watermarks serve no useful purpose and should be optional like closed captions.

      • Yes, WIN does get a clean feed, but annoying to see how they deem it necessary to inflict their hideous bright logos (not watermarks) on everything. Perhaps make it a clause in future affiliation agreements. Does WIN still think ratings are recorded with pen and diary, thus they need to burn their station ident into ratings recorders’ eyes? Closed captions should be mandatory on all programs, including all ABC News bulletins. Unfortunately bad hearing is not “optional”. The Ccs are optional to viewers. You just don’t select them on your TV.

      • Clean implies a feed free of TEN’s own watermarking and other overlays such as promotion of other programming.

        Anyone that has actually watched any of the TEN channels carried by WIN, even for the brief time that I have which I can assure you is quite brief, would know that WIN does not, at least for Queensland, most certainly does not receive a clean feed from TEN as the underlying TEN watermark peeks out from underneath WIN’s coloured blots when WIN invariably gets the timing wrong. TEN’s other overlays are also clearly visible complete with the larger solid blue TEN logo shown while those overlays are present poking around the edges of the WIN blot that remains a fixed size.

        Pictures can be provided to demonstrate all of the above.

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