Denise Drysdale denies rift with Ita Buttrose

Denise Drysdale has responded to rumours of a rift with Studio 10 colleague Ita Buttrose, maintaining that both remain friends.

Drysdale told the Sunday Herald Sun she threw a brussel sprout during an unofficial Christmas party, but denies there is any serious split between the two.

“I was in a jovial mood. The Christmas party was that night and I could not go, so I had a couple of glasses of champagne ­towards the end of the day and I threw the brussels sprout and I shouldn’t have,” she admitted.

“I rang Ita for Christmas; we talk, we all get along. I did the wrong thing, it was totally my fault, I am sorry it happened,” she said.

Addressing rumours of a tussle over dressing rooms, she said as Buttrose has been with the show longer she had a room, which Drysdale used part-time before moving to another.

As to panel placement, she noted, “They made the changes ­because Joe (Hildebrand) has been on that side (of the panel) for three years or something and they wanted the bloke in the middle and two women ­either side,” she said.

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