Freddie Highmore heading to Oz

The Good Doctor fans will no doubt be pleased to hear Freddie Highmore is confirmed for a promotional tour down under.

He arrives on Friday March 9 ahead of a New Zealand visit.

“With this being my first trip to Australia, I’m very much looking forward to exploring a country that I have always dreamed of visiting,” says Highmore.

“I am likewise excited to meet all those who have so warmly embraced The Good Doctor. Thanks for having me!”

Expect to see him appearing on Sunrise amongst other public appearances.


  1. No time like the present then for Channel Seven to put the final season of Bates Motel on, it was on Foxtel Showcase in February last year so Seven’s rights to show must be there now.

    In fact if I was Seven I’d be repeating the first four seasons and running straight into the final season 5, at 10 episodes a season it’d fit well on 7Flix. Could give a lift to their overall ratings if it’s advertised as Bates Motel starring the Good Doctor’s Freddie Highmore (even during that show). Sure it was rated MA15+ here, however with the new 2015 rules it can now be broadcast between 8:30 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. So yeah instead of 3 Bones and 3 Criminal Minds in a row Weds and Thurs could slot Bates Motel in both days (50 eps in 25 weeks).

  2. Perhaps while he is here The Good Doctor can give a quick consultation to Pete and Manu about their recent sickly ratings, plus apparently a legion of Spartans has just come down with ” miserable and flogged syndrome” – also known as MAFS.

    • I think you need to work on your joke structure.

      You tried to cram too much in at once.

      It’s like a joke about Charlie and his Chocolate Factory written by Augustus Gloop.

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