John Cleese returns to UK TV

More than 6 million UK viewers tuned into John Cleese’s first starring role in a British sitcom since Fawlty Towers.

Cleese is appearing in the new BBC series Hold The Sunset, but social media reviews were mixed.

The comedy stars Alison Steadman as a retired woman (Edith) who accepts a marriage proposal from her neighbour, Phil, (Cleese) – their plan is to sell their houses and start a new life in the sun when her son throws a spanner in the works.

Some rather damning reviews from viewers on Twitter and Facebook, labelled it “cringeworthy” and “boring”.

Hold the Sunset was aimed at an older audience, so Radio Times suggests many critiques may not have been in the show’s intended key demographic.

No word yet who might air this in Australia.


  1. Managed to get about 20 mins through the 1st ep, really dismal writing, no laughs, as somebody on twitter wrote, nice to see John Cleese try something other than comedy(ouch)

  2. The first episode to air in the UK was the previous Sunday (18th March).

    It’s a pretty stock standard family UK comedy. Not bad, but no wow factor either. Cleese’s character could have been played by anyone.

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