MasterChef filming in South Australia

Minor Spoiler:

MasterChef has been filming a South Australian week as part of its 10th Anniversary season.

The show has been spotted in Adelaide, while the Barossa Valley has also been confirmed (presumably with Maggie Beer in tow?).

Matt Preston told News Corp, “The whole idea is to take the contestants to SA and introduce them to some of our favourite chefs, restaurants and produce because that’s what makes SA so strong in terms of food … that wonderful mix, and an amazing wine scene.”

TEN has also teased another international trip for 2018.

Source: Instagram


  1. Great to see. Since moving production from Sydney to Melbourne in 2013, it became very Melbourne-centic (though ratings were massive in 2015/2016), something MKR does well (national). In Sydney, MasterChef used to have a Melbourne week. I wonder for this anniversary year if there’ll be a Sydney week too?

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