Meet the new Magnum P.I.

Yeah but how does he look in a moustache and tropical shirt...?

Yeah but how does he look in a moustache and tropical shirt…?

US actor Jay Hernandez has been cast as the next Thomas Magnum, in the rebooted Magnum P.I.

Hernandez is primarily known for his film work, most recently appearing in the Netflix telemovie Bright. On TV, he was a regular in Six Degrees, and most recently guest-starred on Scandal.

The new version follows Thomas Magnum, a decorated ex-Navy SEAL who, returns home to Hawaii from Afghanistan and becomes a private investigator.

The pilot will see Peter Lenkov (Hawaii Five-0) writing and executive-producing, with Justin Lin, who has helmed a number of the Fast and the Furious movies, directing.

CBS which is home to MacGyver, S.W.A.T., Hawaii Five-O plus upcoming Murphy Brown & Cagney and Lacey reboots, will screen it should it proceed to series, meaning TEN may nab Australian rights.

No other cast, nor a premiere date, have been set yet.

The original Magnum ran from 1980-1988 for eight seasons and 158 episodes.

Source: TV Insider.

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  1. I thought that Tom Selleck said years ago that there would never be a reboot or reunion! I can’t believe this! Yet another show that was a hit in it’s time, and they can’t think of anything new, so, hey, let’s reboot this! Yet another show many fans of the original won’t bother with! There’s only one Magnum: Tom Selleck! *Goes off to watch the dvds*

  2. @ David Knox – although Justin Lin is most famously known for his directing of films in the Fast and Furious franchise (and arguably the reason the franchise was revived after his debut on Tokyo Drift) he also has a TV presencee being an EP for Scorpion and SWAT and directing both their pilots (plus other directing credits). Just FYI 🙂

      1. It’s just proof that the incentive to make new TV shows is as strong as ever and that the showrunners have the finance to make a lot more, which seems contrary to the dire warnings that were coming from the TV and movie industry, I suspect the growth of other markets like streaming has opened up a lot of future prospects for co-production, this at a time when videophile sites are predicting the eventual demise of DVD’s.

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