My Kitchen Rules, Celebrity slip to new lows.

The gap between reality shows widened last night as My Kitchen Rules dipped under the magic million to 930,000 viewers, down 207,000 compared to a week ago.

The figure is the lowest a primetime screening has ever attracted in a 5 city metro.

In contrast Married at First Sight topped the night at 1.13m, up by some 200,000 from performances last week, and topping the demos.

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here was fourth in its slot at 515,000, down by 120,000 compared to last Wednesday, and also its lowest-ever primetime figure. It ran third in demos for the slot.

Whilst This is Us is a mighty drawcard in the US last night the show’s return could only manage 250,000 in a 9pm timeslot, no match for the Winter Olympics at 750,000 viewers.

Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell was on par with last week at 489,000 viewers but Squinters dived from 471,000 to 333,000.

Seven News, A Current Affair and The Chase all won their slots.

Seven network won wth 39.0% then Nine 27.4%,  ABC / TEN both on 13.7% and SBS 6.2%.

Seven News was best for Seven at 933,000 /908,000 viewers then My Kitchen Rules (930,000), Winter Olympics (750,000 / 354,000 / 351,000), Home and Away (667,000) and The Chase (560,000 / 401,000).

Married at First Sight was #1 for Nine at 1.13m then Nine News (825,000 / 815,000), A Current Affair (765,000), Serial Killer with Piers Morgan (533,000) and Hot Seat (436,000 / 274,000).

ABC News (662,000) led for ABC then 7:30 (523,000), Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell (489,000), QI (385,000), Squinters (333,000), Adam Hills: The Last Leg (199,000) and Think Tank (166,000).

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here (515,000) was best on TEN. TEN Eyewitness News (445,000), The Project (435,000 / 305,000), Family Feud (294,000) and This is Us (250,000) comprised TEN’s night. Madam Secretary was 117,000.

On SBS it was World’s Greatest Bridges (263,000), Simon Reeve’s Russia (244,000), Shaun Micallef’s Stairway to Heaven (120,000) and SBS World News (117,000).

Winter Olympics on 7mate drew 263,000.

Sunrise: 275,000
Today: 262,000
News Breakfast: 95,000 / 48,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 14 February 2018


  1. Someone remarked on radio the other day (yes radio, and it’s far better than TV these days), that about 80% of television these days is reality shows and of that genre. Just horrifying the crap people watch. You could do worse than watching the ABC and/or SBS most nights.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    I am not normally a reality show person…but have to admit my secret vice…I have been watching Married at First Sight….probably because there is not much else to watch…but still…
    And then I watched the Olympics…..I was also on my PC at the same time.

  3. Sheesh the Ten nose dive continues…

    Some nights there are just nothing on FTO unless you into lame reality shows. Then other nights you find…there is still nothing but the inane reality shows! No wonder streaming services are on the up and up. Since starting to watch Netflix I find more and more stuff on there I can watch and less and less need to even flick on FTO…

    • There’s always something on FTA. The Men In The Shadows (Spin), Checkout, Stag, This Is Us, Madam Secretary, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Homeland, Upstart Crow, Seal Team and there’s still 2 eps of Supernatural listed for Monday. Plus Blue Planet II and other documentaries; Time After Time if you like B grade time travel stuff. Less good: Delicious, NCIS, NCIS LA, Ride Upon the Storm, Berlin Station, Knightfall, Chance. Rpts: House, Red Dwarf, Shetland and River.

  4. How many don’t bother to watch I’m A Celebrity, MKR and MAFS first run, since they are all repeated (not ‘encored’) the next day, late night, all weekend? As a “cooking competition” MKR should be on ABC Comedy. Saw the matriarch of The Bold & Beautiful, Susan Flannery aka Stephanie in the UA/NZ lounge in Sydney yesterday. Thought she may be on her way to the jungle. No such luck. Visiting daughter who lives in Sydney.

  5. Everyone feels for TEN however they must be accountable for putting 2 Brits in who the majority of the audience couldn’t care about. I have switched off as I simply did not warm to the “celebrities”.

  6. We watched How to Get Away with Murder ( which finished at 12.30!)
    It is a really good show, but has been treated terribly by 7.
    There is no reason Seven flix couldn’t of aired These episodes in Sept/Oct. no idea why double Bones eps were on beforehand anyway, they were both years old repeats. Surely new content is a priority and deserves better than an 11.30pm time slot

    • Well, you wouldn’t have been the only one. Heaps are staying up very late at the moment due to the Winter Olympics, chance to check out other programming on other channels at that time.

  7. This is Us (aka the worlds most depressing show based on the commercials) is now 4.5 months old. Dedicated viewers would have seen it already via other means because they were not prepared to hold out to see if TEN would be able to resume the show express, or if another network or paid service will take over the broadcast.
    There are only three programs I am watching on FTA right now if you exclude the news, and two of those are on the ABC.

    • Yeah I was surprised to see an article the other day promoting This Is Us, realising just how far behind Ten is! Fans of the show watching on Ten would be having a fun time ensuring they’re not having the show spoiled online, especially considering the huge Superbowl tie-in episode a few weeks ago.

  8. You have feel for Ten. They just can’t get a break. Still say a lot of is to do with the lead in show. Still say they give Lisa her own current affair show at 7pm to combat ACA. Push the The Project to 6pm start to match news times on 7 & 9. The have to do something.

    • I still argue that a ‘lead in’ is irrelevant these days, we have EPG, get home, surf the EPG, set reminders for what programs we want to watch when across all FTA channels, then catch up tv, pvr etc. I believe the cause being poor lead in is redundant, its poor entertainment that causes low ratings. IACCGMOOH we watch tucker trial then switch to Olympics until the next shjow I want to watch comes on. & Olympics is only temp before its channel surfing till next want to watch

      • Yep – please find me anyone who will tell you they watched a show just because they watched the show that was on before it!

        The whole idea goes back to the old days of no remotes and being too lazy to change channels so you’d just watch what was on.

    • TEN tried to do quality current affairs a few years back. Remember George Negus? It lasted less than a year. As he said on the final show “We tried to give you a quality current affairs show but you buggers wouldn’t watch it”. Like it or not, people prefer lighter programs such as A Current Affair and The Project.

      • Ten have Lisa so why not use her better. She is more warming that George Negus ever was. Why not try it, worse case it fails. Hell how long have they given the Project to succeed??

        • Agree Ten should move The Project to 6pm although as a regional viewer I kinda hope they don’t as then Win News will replace the first half hour. Family Feud isn’t rating very well at all. 7pm could be Lisa Wilkinson or Neighbours, even though I don’t watch that show moving it from their main channel coincided with their fall from grace.

  9. Massive ratings for Married At First Sight, it and MKR have essentially swapped positions! Winter Olympics have been very popular, seeing its first big dip (as did MKR). So many shows across the board down, no doubt affected by the Olympics. Another 8% share for 7mate, goodness me

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