Paul Burrell, Vicky Pattinson join I’m A Celebrity.

In TV’s worst kept secret Brits Paul Burrell & Vicky Pattinson joined I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here last night.

Former royal family butler Paul Burrell and Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison have both featured in the UK series, with Pattinson winning in 2015.

Both shared a cup of tea by way of introductions, but must wait until tonight to meet the other celebrities.


  1. Lady Diana died over 20 years ago and this bloke is still making a living off her name. 20 years on and he’s still “Princess Diana’s Butler”. When you consider the other “celebrities” past and present, got no problem with Vicky in there, even though it’s very hard for me to understand her, but there is no way should Lady Di’s Butler be in there. Author or not.

  2. A lot of people now seem to have the career “appear on celebrity shows”. Tiffany, Jackie and now Vicki. Same for judges on the singing shows, if you’re in with Simon, you get to travel the world permanently.

  3. Paul is a fair enough inclusion,but with Vicki this choice would have to be the worst decision made in the history of the show.Anyone who comes from a reality show to me are not a celebrity

  4. Hate to be the odd one out but I think Vicky Pattinson is a good get! She may not be too well known here in Australia but she has been on countless TV shows in UK on ITV, MTV, BBC and Channel 5 and is a staple on shows such as Loose Women and This Morning. She has 3.9 million followers on Instagram and 2.2 on Twitter and, most importantly, should bring some entertainment and energy to the increasingly bland jungle!

  5. Did anyone else pick up that at the end of last nights Ep, you can clearly hear Shannon Noll on his phone. I thought this was against the rules? Aren’t they suppose to not have mobiles etc while in the jungle ?
    What the ????

  6. jezza the first original one

    Vicky is from Geordie Shore. We are going to need subtitles when she speaks, as even most English folk outside of GeordieLand (Newcastle) struggle to understand her. She is bubbly though and won the 2015 UK Celeb… give her a fair go

  7. Vicki is obviously targeted for the younger audience who are no about Geordie shore .. agree thou , random choices for mainstream audience.
    They had to do better then that , pretty obvious was going to get a bashing from everybody.

  8. I love I’m A Celeb but was disappointed last night with the inclusion of this Vicky person. Absolutely no idea who she is and couldn’t understand a word she said. I know sometimes the choice of Celebs includes people on the lower end of the scale but with her they may as well of just plucked some obscure person off the street. Couldn’t we have at least have had an unknown Australian celeb?

  9. carolemorrissey

    We all obviously know who Paul Burrel is, but does anyone here know who she is? I’ve never heard of her. You’d think they’d get someone most of us would know.

  10. Has anyone else here heard of Vicky before now? I seem to recall one season of Geordie Shore playing on Gem or something a few years back? I don’t have Foxtel so don’t know if it had a run on there?
    Just trying to work out if shes enough of a ‘celebrity’ in Australia for them to bother with her. Or maybe she was a cheap option since shes been on the UK one she might’ve had some sort of contractual obligation to appear here.
    Paul Burrell should be good value since there is renewed interest in tbe royal family after Diana’s death anniversary just gone & a very popular run of ‘the Crown’.

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