PyeongChang lights spectacular Opening Ceremony

Pyrotechnics, technology, hip hop dancers, history, K-Pop, opera, 1200 co-ordinated drones, 100 skiiers and the return of Tonga’s oiled-up flag-bearer were amongst the highlights at last night’s Opening Ceremony in PyeongChang.

But nothing could surpass South Korea and North Korea marching together under one united Korea flag.

Rivalries have been suspended for the 16 days of competition of the XXIII Olympic Winter Games between the two nations. A theme of Peace was prominent throughout the spectacular event, including a performance of John Lennon’s Imagine.

PyeongChang did not disappoint with incredible visuals, in the Olympic Stadium and beyond. 51 Australians were led by flag-bearer Scotty James.


  1. For me the two halves of Korea marching together, two of the combined ice hockey team carrying the flame up to the lady who lit the cauldron and the performance of the great man’s song, Imagine , were the highlights in a wonderful ceremony.

  2. It was good…wasnt it… 🙂 .. The skiiers coming down the slope in the dark was awesome …as was the lighting of the caldron… I enjoyed it all…..I was chatting to my US friends…had to stop commenting on what I was watching….it was morning there and they were not getting it until the evening…

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