Report: Netflix skews younger, broader than Stan.

Screen Australia has released its 2017 Online & On Demand report, based on research conducted by Nielsen.

Amongst its many findings, it suggests Netflix has a younger audience based than that of Stan, driven by its considerable investment into content (particularly exclusive commissions), high awareness and even use of the service before its launch in Australia.

It’s most frequent are younger (half of 14-34s use it at least weekly), but its appeal is broader, with 35-44s not far behind and more than 1 in 3 aged 45+ using it at least monthly.

While Stan lacks Netflix’s billion dollar production budget and global awareness, it has put considerable resources into building up a content library, including exclusive Australian content which it claims has been very popular. Most Stan viewers tend to be aged 25-44.


  1. It surprises me that 1 in 4 18-24 year olds don’t use Netflix. Who are the 2% that have never heard of Netflix? They lied on the survey.

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