Report: SKY News content on Free to Air?

SKY News on Free to Air?

Fairfax Media is reporting Australian News Channel, which owns SKY News, has approached Seven & Nine about carrying a portion of its content on their digital channels.

Fairfax suggests ANC has proposed running parts of SKY News on Seven and Sky Business on 9Life, as “complementary and promotional in nature.”

ANC used to be owned equally between Seven, Nine and British SKY Broadcasting but was taken over by Murdoch’s News Corporation in late 2016. Both Free to Air networks still supply pooled news content to SKY.

During various TEN staff cuts there were rumours about SKY News replacing TEN Eyewitness News, but these have dissipated since CBS took over.

Sources said the talks were in early stages, with no guarantee of completion.

ANC declined to comment.


    • *laughs* Far-left journalism from the likes of the Ten, ABC & SBS is considered “fair coverage” by those too bigoted to consider an alternative view. As for outing ‘Murdoch’ I guess ABC/SBS propaganda is acceptable to you even if it violates being fair and neutral from a government corporation paid for by all Australian tax payers not just inner city hipsters / Greens supporters.

      Hopefully a Sky FTA deal can be reached and this will in return provide the public a greater opportunity to receive a service that provides an alternative prospective from the tripe served up by the current FTA news services.

      Perhaps if you watched Sky news instead of cursing the “Murdoch” empire you would realize that when it comes to news opinion panel type shows that the guests come from all sides of the political persuasion unlike the lefty bigots regularly featured on The Project, The Drum…

  1. I noticed that Sky News stopped airing CBS Evening News and CBS news stories late last year, so clearly CBS aren’t too interested in any sort of partnership there

  2. Oh dear. The plan to use TEN as a cross promotional platform to Foxtel fell over when CBS unexpectedly drove through that plan. Now they seek to peddle their wares elsewhere. Seven and Nine would be very likely to take the offer up given their financial position if Foxtel pays for the airtime. That is less hours Seven and Nine would have to spend filling. Also an admittance by Foxtel that FTA works whereas Pay TV does not.

    • I’m just speculating but Sky might pay to air their weekend real estate shows which are effectively just long ads for News Corp’s real estate website.

      • Perhaps you missed the “Free Lego” advertisement on ABC The Checkout this week when they were discussing building contracts. How that product placement was allowed on a public broadcaster I find very amusing.

        • No need to be amused. Logos are part of Gruen & Checkout every week, and even ABC News. It’s allowed under Editorial Policy: ie. “News is of the view that it is relevant and appropriate to see a company’s logo in shot when a representative of that company is providing analysis which is attributable to that company.”

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