Returning: Hard Quiz

Tom Gleeson has been busy.

Hit ABC series Hard Quiz is back later this month for a harder-than ever third series.

Quizzing Hard with Tom Gleeson in the first episode are English Premier League Football expert Mark, Winston Churchill expert Tom, Audrey Hepburn expert Evelyn and vintage Australian washing machine expert Leon. Yep, you read that right.

8:00pm Wednesday February 21st on ABC.


    • Glass Portcullis

      There’s only a couple of eps left of QI. Last week was ep 10, they do 13 a series, but I’ve got no quams about them shelving the Xmas ep. What I wanna know is: why isn’t ABC2 [my act of defiance for the day] screening QIXL, from the beginning?

      Also, David, won’t this be S4 of HQ?

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