Returning: Macgyver, Scorpion

Two US dramas both return to ONE next week.

US dramas Scorpion and Macgyver both return to ONE next week.

Scorpion is back with Season 4 Episode 1 “Extinction” from 6:30pm Sunday. This aired in the US in September.

While Walter and Paige awkwardly navigate their new relationship, Team Scorpion must work with their old nemesis Mark Collins in order to prevent the extinction of mankind.

The rebooted Mcgyver returns 7:30pm Monday with Season 2, Episode 1 “DIY Or Die” which also aired stateside in September.

MacGyver and Jack have recently returned from their road trip after trying to find both Murdoc and MacGyver’s father, to no avail. CIA agent Samantha Cage requests the Phoenix Foundation’s help in an off-the- books mission to recover a SEAL officer who has been kidnapped for the past two years in the Middle East. To rescue the officer, MacGyver uses a cell phone and soccer ball in the search.

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  1. Any idea if 10 are planning on showing the whole episodes, or will they still be cutting 10% out of every Scorpion episode?

    The running time for most 1-hour dramas is typically 40-41 minutes, minus ads and station promotions. For some reason the versions shown by 10 are only 35-37 minutes. This is 4-5 minutes shorter than the versions available through “other means”. 10 cut the closing credits, but that’s nowhere near enough to account for the time discrepancy.

        1. I don’t quite understand what qualifies here as M rated, to me there is nothing in Scorpion that would be any more suggestive, sexual or violent than say Home and Away or Neighbours but yet it has to be cut.

          Then when I compare ours to the USA it becomes even more murky to me, Scorpion is TV-14 in the US which means it is rated much like our MA 15+ shows. As in take NCIS in the US it has a TV-PG rating with some getting TV-14 and here it’s M with some getting MA 15+ then TV Shows like Mr Robot get a USA TV-MA and an MA 15+ here. Which in both cases is reasonable for a show like that, really feel that there should be one in between PG and M which would be PG 13 here, to which I feel Scorpion, MacGyver and NCIS would fall into with some episodes getting an M classification.

          It always strikes me that say Criminal Minds can be an M (with some MA), and those M rated ones are seen as…

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