Returning: NCIS. Bumped: SEAL Team

Season 15 of NCIS returns on a new night.

Season 15 of NCIS returns to TEN next Sunday at the new time of 9pm Sundays. Despite Tuesdays being it’s natural home for years, Sundays was where it screened when TEN famously abandoned Sunday night movies.

S15E10 “Double Down” aired in the US in December.

The change also means SEAL Team moves to a 10pm timeslot from next week.

Torres and Sloane are sent to Afghanistan to protect a U.S senator who is there visiting naval troops for the holidays.

The senator’s trip is cut short when he learns that his son is in hospital, fighting for his life after falling down a stairwell.

In trying to get the senator out of Afghanistan and urgently back to the U.S, Torres and Sloane face immeasurable dangers.

9:00pm Sunday 18 February on TEN.

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  1. Didn’t they learn anything from the last time they did this? Lost 500,000 viewers they didn’t get back. And they’ll lose a lot more now! Strange way to treat a show that was once their highest rating show (before they moved it!). Just put it back on Tuesday nights where it belongs!

  2. Give it a week or 2 because it will fail there just like SVU is failing on Mondays. Ten need to learn why some people are flocking away from FTA & we want consistancy! I mean man its not rocket science!

  3. What a stupid move by TEN first they change SVU to Monday nights (From Thursday) and now they move NCIS to Sunday. NCIS has always rated well on Tuesday nights so why move it !!. I’m sure they can put Hughesy on Friday nights instead of showing repeats from shows early in the week. Dumb

  4. Yes, I rememeber the first couple of seasons with Sasha Alexander (since then a star of Rizzoli and Isles & Shameless) aired on Sundays after SVU, I think 2004 / 2005? I miss networks airing movies at regular weekly timelsots too, multi-channels ruined that, now networks can just fulfill back-catalogue deals with their distributors this way.

    1. Because they have sold advertising and sponsorships for Hughesy and moving it to Sunday would kill it. NCIS doesn’t rate significantly higher in total numbers would bring in less ad revenue because it skews older and gets timeshifted more so there would be no gain.

  5. Sunday was also where Ten moved NCIS when they were desperate in 2013, and lost half of its viewers. The made Hughesy to air on Tuesdays and with Seal Team losing over half its audience when faced with competition last night, they have got the decision to move it to 10pm right.

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