Rove heading back to TEN

Updated: Gold Logie winner to host a new panel show for TEN, Show Me the Movie.

TV Tonight hears whispers Rove McManus is heading back to TEN for a new panel show.

The unnamed show is being described as “Spicks and Specks but with Movies” instead of Music.

A former Spicks producer is understood to be producing for Blink TV (Eurovision Song Contest) in Sydney.

Gold Logie winning McManus hosted his variety show on TEN from 2000 – 2009, and Roving Productions continues to produce The Project.

McManus recently hosted Whovians for ABC2.

TEN has been contacted for comment.

Update: Show Me the Movie is confirmed, with Rove McManus hosting, with Joel Creasey & Jane Harber as team captains.

Rove said: “I’m excited to start work on this new show and very happy to be back at TEN, especially since it will give me a good opportunity to hang out with my old friends Pete, Carrie and Hughesy at the network cafeteria.”

TEN Chief Content Officer, Beverley McGarvey, said: “We are so pleased to have Rove back on TEN. Show Me The Movie! is a brilliant mix of movies, comedy and trivia – and Rove, Jane and Joel are the perfect people to lead this engaging and funny new show.

“There’s one thing Australians love more than watching movies and that is talking about movies.

“We’re experts at sprouting obscure movie facts, spoiling the endings and mangling famous movie quotes. Show Me The Movie! is a show that celebrates Australia’s love of cinema,” she said.

A co-production between Ronde Media and Blink TV, Show Me The Movie! has been created by Ben Davies (Bondi Rescue, Here Come The Habibs) and Spicks and Specks creator Paul Clarke (Blood and Thunder, Eurovision). Network TEN’s Executive Producer for Show Me The Movie! is Paul Leadon.

Davies said: “Spicks and Specks is the most successful comedy panel show in Australian history, so there’s no better person than Paul to be making Show Me The Movie! with.”

Clarke said: “Since Spicks and Specks, we’ve always thought that Australia needs a comedy panel show about movies. It just makes sense. Expect a lot of movie mash-ups, surprise guests and a great, irreverent show. Talking about movies is something everyone does, whether you’re teenagers in the suburbs or Rebel Wilson and her A-List besties in Hollywood.”

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  1. “Spicks and specks but with movies” says the salesman. How imaginative, how original, how brave!!! How stuck in the rut is our TV. SBS is the only channel with any imagination but few watch it. The ABC it seems wants to be more like the commercial channels since it went on its ratings pursuit under Mark Scott. My large collection of old dvd’s is getting a welcome renaissance.I’m glad I kept them.

  2. Ten not another panel show ……wish ten go back to the good old day when they had good shows like
    Prisoner and number 96 and and stuck with the shows and they all started right on time too 8:30pm not 8:40 or 8:50 or 9:00 and they put it on the same time every week …not like now I many time and Ten moved Law and Order SVU so have giving up and wait now for the dvd

  3. Think there is room for a tonight style show in Australia providing it starts every time at the same time and not at 11pm at night. Rove needs to get this right or he will be gone for a long time. Last few ventures have not exactly impressed the audience.

    1. Agree totally. We don’t need more reality or panel shows. The time is right for a tonight style show and Rove has matured. He just needs to cut out any smart-arse stuff and have quality guests. A regular start at 9 or 9.30 would be great.

  4. When do you call something dead and buried?

    Having been forced by circumstances to only watch FTA TV for the past couple of months, with no streaming, Foxtell or PRV, all I can say is FTA TV is dead. There is very very little of interest on TV that is not mindless reality rubbish. I am surprised that TV Stations can still find enough advertisers to continue pushing 4 mins of ads every 8 minutes to keep the whole thing afloat.

    At some stage 10 will be better off just walking away. It may still have a $ book value, but an entertainment value it doesn’t have. The same can be said for 7 & 9, but at least they have their heads above water, but I think they must be slowly drowning as well.

    1. There is an economic divide in play here. When a person reaches financial comfort where they can afford to spend a lot of discretionary income on expensive entertainment options, it can be easy to forget what it was like not to have them.

      There is still a very large portion of the population who don’t spend any subscription money on tv, never have and therefore don’t know what they are missing. Some even try out paid services and find that there is so little that appeals to them that they cancel it. Some deliberately choose not to make it a financial priority, or reject it in the effort to watch less tv generally. There will always be a market for FTA tv, but I agree that it is likely that the viewers will be treated with increasing contempt as the elites with paid tv services become more valuable to them.

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