Sacked Lateline journalist engages lawyers

Walkley-winning journo Ginny Stein to pursue legal action after being made redundant by ABC.

Former ABC journalist Ginny Stein has engaged lawyers after being made redundant, following the axing of Lateline.

The Australian reports Stein, who also filed for Landline, 7:30 and radio current affairs program Background Briefing, was put into a pool of four journalists in November who were forced to apply for just two vacant positions.

One journalist elected to leave, two were granted jobs and Stein is understood to have been formally made redundant earlier this week, the article notes. She has won three Walkley Awards including for reports from Myanmar and Zimbabwe.

She has engaged lawyers who have written to the ABC, but no case has been filed with either the Federal Court or the Fair Work Commission.

Lateline was axed late last year after 27 years at ABC, ahead of an internal restructure announcing a wider News, Analysis & Investigations team.

ABC noted it did not comment on individual employment.

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  1. So many older people leaving/left ABC…TV…radio…under this new management….all with the…I am moving on…looking forward to the future, spiel….Guess one finally decided to dig their heels in and not go quietly ….Many of these people were popular….as you can see from social media…

    1. The question is why would she make her case public or did the media just happen to have a no news day. The ABC do have a Union that could stir things up a bit with the ABC management but that would depend on if she was under contract which could provide grounds for litigation, as it’s the ABC this could be likely.

      1. She was made redundant which means she was an employee with a position that was abolished. Obviously Stein and the Union went public to put pressure on the ABC, threatening them with a public trial.

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