Seven picks up Modern Family

Seven has confirmed a deal with FOX for new Modern Family episodes.

It follows TEN losing key titles after entering administration. Seven recently swooped on The Simpsons, The Resident, MASH and How I Met Your Mother.

Seven has confirmed new Modern Family will screen after April’s Commonwealth Games in a regular timeslot on a primary channel.

The deal also includes repeat episodes.

TEN scored a new deal for This Is Us, which returned to programming last week. Meanwhile Foxtel is understood to be securing additional FOX titles.

Source: Herald Sun


  1. As l have said Ten did not loose to much really. Now CBS owns them new shows will go straight to them than been shopped out to the highest bidder. Many of the older shows are still on Seven & Nine but l doubt new shows will appear on them in the future.

  2. andrewg76 it would be really interesting indeed if ratings on average of Modern family were higher on 7 than 10. It again would prove that the Oztam ratings system is not the most up to date method in measuring audiences numbers.

  3. TV’s worst kept secret. I believe re-runs are expected for 7flix, to accompany HIMYM (the channel needs it). A show that always dominated demogrpahics. Just remember how huge Modern Family was back in 2010/2011

  4. I read this earlier this morning, it would be interesting to see if it rates higher than when it did on 10. Also interesting is they say it will air in a regular time slot, only time will tell.

    • Despite being almost 10 years old, the early eps of Mod Fam still feel surprisingly fresh, so re-runs will probably still rate well on a multi-channel for some years to come, even after new episodes come to an end next year.

    • It’s take so long because Seven have been haggling over price. They will have paid a price per episode that they are happy with. The was an article online last week that said Foxtel had negotiated new deals with Fox and HBO, no details though.

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