The Living Room: Feb 9

With Chris in the Jungle and Barry on a short health break The Living Room sees guest hosts Grant Denyer and Jamie Durie join Amanda Keller & Miguel Maestre.

Gardens with Jamie Durie: Schofields, NSW
Simon and Lorena are newlyweds living in their brand new dream home. While their home is perfect, the bare, patchy backyard with an ugly air conditioning unit and a huge water-tank is really spoiling the serenity. Garden guru Jamie Durie drops by to give the newlyweds the garden of their dreams: one that caters to entertaining their large extended family, lights up at night, and is a place to enjoy their future life together.

Travel with Grant Denyer: Grant’s Big Adventure
In Sydney, the biggest city in Australia, there are plenty of bright lights and tall buildings. Around every corner there’s another activity, bar, restaurant or hotel screaming out for attention. But instead of bigger and better, how about smaller and sweeter? Stepping into Chris’ shoes, Grant Denyer has received a detailed itinerary from Amanda that has him traversing the cityscape looking for the small things that make a big city great.

Food with Miguel Maestre: Summer Dessert
Fruit Ice Blocks are a summer favourite. With the help of two young assistants, Miguel whips up three delicious frozen fruit treats that will be sure to take the sting out of a hot summer day.

Celebrity with Amanda Keller:
Whether it’s a parent, sibling, grandparent or friend, cancer affects us all. From donating money to volunteering your time, there are lots of ways to help. But what is the most tangible thing you can do to help cancer research? Amanda visits the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney to ask the experts. She meets the inspirational Alyssa Jones, who has developed a ground-breaking smartphone app called DreamLab. DreamLab can help solve some of the riddles of cancer research faster… all while you’re asleep.

7:30pm Friday on TEN.

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