Tiffany first to be voted out of TEN jungle

Not a quitter but '80s US singer Tiffany is alone now after the public finally have their say.

’80s US singer Tiffany is alone now after being the first contestant to be voted out of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here by the viewing public.

Tiffany, who was unable to complete a previous challenge involving heights, left the show after scoring lowest along with Simone Holtznagel and Kerry Armstrong.

“’It is so hard in there. It’s harder than I thought. I will be honest,” she told hosts Julia Morris & Chris Brown.

“I was rocked to my core and of course, you stepped up and helped me, thank you. You saved the day. Again my forever hero,” she told Brown.

Her departure follows the sudden exit of Bernard Tomic & Anthony Mundine, both quitting the show before public votes.

Last night Jackie Gillies also gave a psychic reading to Simone telling her former Australia’s Next Top Model judge Charlotte Dawson was watching over her.

“She is sorry with the way she left,” Gillies said.

“She’s come to you in a dream, times 10. She says she doesn’t want to see you cry in the bed any more.

“She says when you do, she says that this is her touching her head, she loves you have much. I feel like I am going to cry. She says she misses you very much and she is sorry.”

Gillies last night also said the words I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here to avoid a hot air balloon challenge.

Two new celebs enter the series tonight, tipped to be former Royal butler Paul Burrell and Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison both of whom appeared in the UK version.

This journalist did not fly to South Africa as a guest of Network TEN. So there.

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  1. “This journalist did not fly to South Africa as a guest of Network TEN. So there.”

    Id be very interested to know what exactly this journo does over there?? Does he still get paid by his employer, because I don’t reckon they get very good value from him, most of the Im a Celeb articles don’t even seem to be by him….

    I reckon its the best rort ever!

    1. TEN does not pay journos, but it foots the expenses bill. Both News & Fairfax had embedded journos this season, the coverage from the former is ongoing and is seen as a win / win. Stories by other scribes usually adjusts for the time difference, and is sometimes a couch perspective, which differs from first hand reportage. There is also video and radio coverage. Journos have been declaring so I don’t see much problem, although it does lean towards favourable copy. My line was a bit of cheek, I wasn’t being serious. So there.

  2. I still don’t know why Tiffany is.
    Vicky Pattison should be good if it is her going in. She’s not very well known in Australia because she hasn’t been on Geordie Shore for years and its never screened on FTA in Australia anyway (as an MTV Foxtel show). She is well known in the UK and should actually be very entertaining – she has a very sharp and quick wit. I can’t imagine she will be planning to stir up trouble unless she gets bored, but her strength will be the on-camera interviews where she describes other housemates and what they are doing – she’s very funny at this.

  3. Also did I miss something or did they not interview Anthony Mundine after he left on Thursday night ? They interviewed Bernard when he left , y not Anthony ??

  4. So much attention paid to Tomic and Mundine that we didn’t really see much of Tiffany. Still can’t quite figure out why they would have her on in the first place because not too many people know her. I think Peter will win it.

  5. I am glad Tiffany failed to get enough votes to keep her in. She was very low key and didn’t seem to enjoy herself in the jungle. But she has done her 2 weeks so good on her. I am very concerned about the low number of votes to save Simone and Jackie. They are my 2 faves. I will be ramping up my votes for them this week….

      1. Any chance they show the correct bottom 3 or could it b like xfactor n not in correct order . Mayb Kerri was for shock value , I certainly want her in the finale . Thou is possible she may not have the right target audience for this show 🙁

  6. I was thinking Simone should’ve been the first to go because she wasn’t contributing much but then came along #woodgate. Will we finally get to see some conflict now? It’s all a bit kumbaya at the moment.

    1. Seems like you should be watching MKR instead then. I find it refreshing to watch a show where people aren’t bitching about each other every chance. The trials & the stories the celebs share is entertaining enough without adding drama.

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