Vale: Marty Allen

US comedian, who appeared on hundreds of US TV shows, has died.

US comedian Marty Allen, who appeared on US TV as part of comedic duo Allen & Rossi, has died aged 95.

He died in Las Vegas from complications from pneumonia, with his partner at his side.

Allen, known for his catchphrase “hello dere,” appeared 44 times on The Ed Sullivan Show as part of Allen & Rossi, including the episode with The Beatles. They visited programs hosted by Perry Como, Jack Paar, Steve Allen, Garry Moore, Merv Griffin, Dean Martin and Johnny Carson. Allen made hundreds of appearances in the ’70s and ’80s in serious roles and daytime television.

TV credits include The Big Valley, Love American Style, Night Gallery, Monster Squad, Benson, Flying High and It’s Garry Shandling’s Show. He appeared regularly on Hollywood Squares as well as other game shows like Password.

Film credits included The Ballad of Billie Blue, The Great Waltz, Harrad Summer and Cannonball Run II.

Just after his 92nd birthday he said, “No, no retirement. To be honest with you, I have a great feel for people, I love entertaining, I love reacting to everybody and enjoy what I’m doing.

“That’s the story, and I’ll go onstage as long as I can go or until they carry me off.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter, Variety

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