Video on Demand is a solo activity

Viewing Video on Demand is a predominantly solo activity, according to  Screen Australia’s 2017 Online & On Demand report.

58% of respondents said they watched “more screen content by myself than I used to.”

The 2017 survey revealed that 75% of respondents believed that they watch online screen content “on my own if others in my household are not interested.”

The survey broke up VOD into 4 categories:

Broadcaster catch-up TV/live streaming services
e.g. ABC iview, Plus7, 9Now, Tenplay, Foxtel Go, Freeview Plus

Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) services
e.g. Netflix (Aus), Stan, Foxtel Play/Now, Amazon Prime, Ozflix, DocPlay, Quickflix Red Carpet

Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD) services
e.g. iTunes, Ozflix, Dendy Direct, Google Play, Bigpond, Fetch TV rentals/purchases, Quickflix Access

Other Ad-based Video on Demand (Other AVOD)
e.g. YouTube, Facebook, SMH/TV, The Age.TV etc (excludes broadcaster catch-up services that show advertising)

People who watched VOD reported they still spend most of their viewing time (14 hours per week) watching broadcast TV, although the growing popularity of SVOD is evident with 8.75 hours viewed per week.

SVOD users reported changing attitudes and viewing behaviours, with 52% saying they watch less free-to-air and 46% saying they are now less likely to download films and TV programs to rent or own through TVOD services like iTunes or Google Play.

Behaviours also change with age, with broadcast television being most popular with those aged 60+ (96%), whereas SVOD is most used with those aged 18-34 (81%). Despite being a new way to access content, broadcaster catch-up services are also popular with 45-59 year olds (88%) and those aged 60+ (92%).

The study shows that 80% of VOD viewers are watching content at home at least weekly, whilst 27% of VOD viewers report watching remotely at least once a month. Smart and connected TVs (e.g. using an Apple TV) have overtaken computers as the most popular device to access VOD content, whilst 25% are now using their smartphones, compared to just 10% in 2014.


  1. I’ll agree with the results of this survey. I’ve noticed that the wife and I watch far less VOD content together compared to when we use to buy shows on DVD. I wonder if we are seeing another example of technology isolating people from each other?

  2. Viewing is a matter of personal taste especially if you enjoy watching paid content, my most recent viewing attraction is Netflix’s ‘Weeds’ which lasted 8 seasons as has taken me a number of weeks to get through, admittedly ‘Weeds’ is not to everyone’s taste and most likely will be watched solo because of it’s content.

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