AFL helps Seven snatch win, TEN’s toughest week.

Everybody knows Married at First Sight ruled last week, as the biggest audience so far in 2018.

So how did Seven win? It all comes down to multichannels and the power of AFL.

After Wednesday Nine had a clear lead of 5 points over Seven, but AFL managed to chip away over the remaining 3 nights, with Seven’s multichannels outperforming Nine’s across the week and pushing it over he line.

At the same time it was a horror week for TEN, only beating ABC on Thursday and tying on Tuesday. On at least 3 nights its primary channel was dangerously close to SBS.

In the end it was the network’s lowest week on record: both in network share and primary channel.

After Seven snatched back 2 weeks previously won by Nine, the scoreboard now shows Seven with 5 weeks and Nine with 1 -but this includes 2 weeks with Winter Olympics. At year’s end Olympics and Commonwealth Games weeks will be separated from the final tally.

Seven: 32.2
Nine: 31.6
ABC: 16.5
TEN: 13.2
SBS: 6.5

Primary channel:
Nine: 24.1
Seven: 22.2
ABC: 12.2
TEN: 8.4
SBS: 4.5

7mate: 4.0
7TWO: 3.6
9GO!: 2.9
ONE: 2.5
7flix / 9Life / ABC KIDS Comedy: 2.4
9GEM / ELEVEN: 2.3
ABC News: 1.4
SBS Food Network: 0.8
ABC ME: 0.5
NITV: 0.2

Nine won the demos 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54.

Seven won Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Nine scored Sydney & Brissy.

Best brands lat week were:

Seven: My Kitchen Rules (Sun: 1.06m), Seven News (Sun: 898,000), The Good Doctor (892,000) and Home and Away (688,000).

Nine: Married at First Sight (Finale: 1.76m), Nine News (1.02m), A Current Affair (818,000) and Travel Guides (810,000).

ABC: Death in Paradise (762,000), ABC News (Sun: 738,000), Australian Story (650,000) and Grand Designs (619,000).

TEN: Gogglebox (609,000), Show Me the Movie (543,000), The Project (7pm: 438,000) and TEN Eyewitness News (400,000).

SBS: Great Continental Railway Journeys (246,000), Great British Royal Ships (228,000), That Sugar Film (226,000) and Insight (214,000).

Nine won Sunday – Wednesday. Seven won Thursday – Saturday. ABC bettered TEN on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday, while both tied for Tuesday.

2018 survey is paused for 2 Easter weeks and resumes on Sunday April 8.


  1. After married at first sight, you’d think Nine would’ve been a shoe in, but they, as Ryan notes, must be wondering if the record amount they paid for NRL rights was worth it, as they see 7 sneak in thanks to good AFL figures.

    • Armchair Analyst

      the issue is that NRL is not as popular or promoted enough in southern states, also no team in SA or WA. contrastingly AFL has teams in QLD and NSW. Nine can blame NRL partly. Also Nine do not cover Saturday Night NRL until last 5 Rounds of the regular season. Seven have Friday Nights, Saturday Nights and Sunday Games. Most Thursday night games too.

      • Don’t think it would make a difference – outside their respective areas both codes don’t rate – don’t think 7 would show most games in NSW and QLD unless that were contracted to – ch 9 aren’t contracted to show NRL games in the southern states.

  2. James-original

    Winter Olympics are never excluded from year end ratings. They are treated the same as the Rugby & Rugby League World Cup, Football World Cup etc….all included.

  3. I find it very difficult to compare AFL & NRL ratings when channel 7 AFL multichannels in Sydney and Brisbane are included for a 5 city metro figure, but channel 9 multichannels aren’t included, giving a 2 city metro rating.

  4. Nine executives might have to wonder if the amount they paid for NRL rights are worth it? Live nrl on th/fr/sat didn’t have the strength to maintain 1st place.

  5. So 7 did manage to snatch back both weeks. Knew they’d get 1, but not 2. Looking at the Timeshifted ratings, this is almost completely down to The Good Doctor (with a little help from Home & Away).

    I don’t get why the Olympics & Commonwealth games are counted separately myself, but eh, it gives networks the chance to put a different spin on their annual graphs!

    Also, 9Go currently not listed.

    • Numbers for setting ad rates in 2019 will be calculated without the Winter and Commonwealth games, because that will be a more accurate predictor. Advertisers won’t pay a higher rate on Seven in 2019 just because the games did well in 2018, and Nine and Ten won’t accept lower rates in 2019 either because once off events reduced their share.

      • I always find this a ‘grey area’ especially the prime time and non-ratings period. So should advertisers exclude NRL Grand Final from Nine’s primetime ratings given that Ten’s Grand Prix and Seven’s AFL Grand Final are not shown in primetime?

          • Thanks David. Consistency is good but I can’t help thinking that those huge NRL Grand Final numbers would have inflated Nine’s overall performance albeit I suppose not too significant. Anyways, I’ve digressed a little bit.

          • It’s supposed to inflate their numbers. That’s why they screen it. Same as anything on air last week. Sounds like you are trying to argue NRL GF is in primetime whilst AFL GF is not, which is true but a different convo.

  6. Wow! Can’t believe that ended up happening. Nine really should’ve tried harder towards the end of the week, knowing it was Married At First Sight’s final epsiodes week.

    Reminds me of last year, when Seven won a couple of State of Origin weeks.

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