Airdate: Ambulance

TEN will screen a new UK observational series following the London Ambulance service.

TEN will screen a new UK observational series, Ambulance, next month.

This is a 2016 BBC series following the London Ambulance service. Season 1 was narrated by Death in Paradise star Kris Marshall but comprised just 3 episodes. Season 2 in 2017 was narrated by Christopher Eccleston, running for 4 eps.

Network Ten is thrilled to announce the arrival of the outstanding new documentary series Ambulance, a fly-on-the-wall insight into the daily efforts of emergency workers in some of the world’s largest and most populous cities, premiering on Saturday 21 April, only on TEN and WIN Network.

From the high-pressure control room to the dedicated crews on the streets, each extraordinary episode will go beyond the flashing lights to provide a gripping and authentic look at the demands and dilemmas faced by first responders.

In the premiere episode of Ambulance, the London Ambulance Service is forced to bump patients down the queue so they can prioritise causalities, deal with time-wasters and cope with the ever-present threat that a major incident is just an emergency call away.

An ordinary day in the world of Ambulance can quickly change from a life saved to a life lost in the space of minutes. For those employed in emergency services, tending to victims of car accidents, overdoses, suicide attempts and cardiac arrests is all part of a day’s work.

Every moment is a matter of life or death. Each call is a desperate race against the clock. Not every call can be answered. 

Saturday 21 April on TEN (time is TBA).

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  1. I wonder if TEN did this so by the time Channel 9’s “Paramedics” comes around, that the viewer interest in the format has waned and won’t watch Nine. Also, Saturday night is an odd choice. I wish our networks would buy up more UK observational series and air them on the secondary channels in place of rerun after rerun of the usual titles. BBC, Channel 4, 5, and ITV make a number of good observationals. I just finished Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords on Netflix which is from Channel 5.

    1. Saturday night=they’re not expecting any one much to watch it-likely to mostly be drunken poms and tourists coming to grief given the lax drinking laws there and the resultant chaos and violence that observational series so love.

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